Review Of Koi Jaane Na

A devastated writer suffering from writer’s block travels to a remote hill station, where he discovers a copycat serial murderer who has inexplicably resurfaced and is killing everyone around him. Kabir Kapoor is a well-known novelist who is currently embroiled in a legal battle with his publisher over a book he has been postponing for two years. Rashmi, Kabir’s ex-wife, who is now married to his publisher, fears he is writing for someone else because he has no source of income, and she has taken everything he owns in alimony. For a change, Kabir flies to Panchgani, where he meets Suhana on the way, while Rashmi hires a detective, Ricky Rosario, to investigate Kabir’s hidden money. 

Rate – 3 stars

Duration – 2hrs 19mins

Director -Amin Hajee

Cast – Kunal Kapoor · Amyra Dastur · Neha Mahajan · Vidya Malavade


Kunal Kapoor makes an incredible comeback! Koi Jaane Na is the debut film of debutant filmmaker Amin Hajee, therefore it was not expected to be spectacular. The film has been beautifully shot, and the acting from everyone is pretty impressive. The most significant part is that there is no overacting so that you won’t get your mind wrapped around it. As a decent suspense thriller, the film keeps you guessing who the killer is while also making you second think about your shots. Though there are a few story problems, they are entirely overcome because it is an exciting suspense movie, similar to those sold at railway station bookstalls, but with brilliant performances and superb photography. The film is a must-see, but you must accept a few storyline holes, which are small in comparison to other movies these days that are full of overacting and foolishness! 

Above all, let Koi Jaane Na serve as a cybersecurity primer. Passwords that are easy to guess should be avoided. Painting hints on the wall is not an excellent way to convey tips. Now that we have got an important lesson let’s move on to another amusing episode from the film. In one episode, Kabir tells Suhana that if she wants adventure, she should find Andre. 

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