Raising Over $1.2M in Investments, Battle Approved Motors Proves Health of Electric Vehicle Market

Battle Approved Motors (BAM), an early-stage, high-end electric UTV (utility terrain vehicle) startup raises over $1.2M, proving the health of the electric vehicle market in an otherwise tumultuous time for investors. BAM continues to contribute to the future worth of the North America Electric Vehicle Market that’s expected to hit $396.94B by 2028.

“It’s great to see the electric vehicle market continue to expand despite some volatility in the traditional stock and cryptocurrency markets.

What I find most exciting about the sector’s momentum is not just that capital continues to flow into it, but where it’s flowing from — people looking to move the world forward with green, renewable energy and challenge the status quo.

More and more people are realizing the future will be built on electric energy,” said Chris James, Founder and CEO at Battle Approved Motors.

Featured in Robb Report and Business Insider, BAM develops electric vehicle technology for work and performance-based off-road vehicles, creating zero emission vehicles with a lower carbon footprint, no noise pollution, and reliable, high-performing electric batteries.

Teaming up with top investors, pro-drivers and key industry brands, they are currently raising funds for one of the first race-ready, luxury UTVs straight out of the box — slated to be ready by 2023. In honor of its launch, BAM is planning on launching a new off-road electric racing series, created in partnership with DASH Radio and its founders.

Across the globe, the electric vehicle market has continued an upward growth trajectory over the past decade with manufacturers and consumers focused on increasing energy efficiency, reducing fuel dependency and decreasing CO2 emissions. Also contributing to this growth are government incentives to promote sales and manufacturing, tax rebates on purchases and the declining costs of batteries.
BAM is poised to further grow the electric vehicle industry with a safer, professional UTV that goes from the trail to road — street legal in over 32 states with anyone 16 years and older able to drive one.
About Battle Approved Motors
Founded by Chris James, a former BMX racer, film-maker and entrepreneur, Battle Approved Motors (BAM) is an early-stage startup currently in the design for manufacturing, test and validation phases for one of the first electric, luxury UTVs backed by lead investors like Red Bull Crandon World Cup Champion Keegan Kincaid, UFC mixed martial artist Michelle Waterson and entrepreneur Scott Keeney (DJ SKEE). BAM has attracted more than $1.2M in funding. For more information, go to

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