Prime-Line® Products Now Offering Broad Selection of PREXISO® Measurement Tools

Prime-Line® Products is now offering a wide selection of PREXISO® measurement tools, the innovative, precise, and affordable products that serve the needs of everyone from homeowners to professionals in a variety of industries.

PREXISO measurement tools provide precise, accurate data regarding distances ranging from inches on a countertop to miles on a highway.

The company also offers a line of instruments that measure temperatures and moisture levels, test electrical systems, and accurately locate studs and electrical wiring inside walls.

These Swiss-made precision products are of great benefit to homeowners, do-it-yourselfers, professional contractors, utility company personnel, automotive technicians, and more.

PREXISO products are available in distinctive, powerfully branded retail packaging, and they are an outstanding addition on the sales floor of home improvement stores, hardware stores, and general merchandise retailers.

“PREXISO is renowned for infusing its innovative, affordable products with precision and easy operation,” said Paul Entwistle, Chief Operating Officer of Prime-Line Products. “These measurement tools are compact, portable, and they provide accurate and easy to read data that makes every task easier.”

The PREXISO collection of measurement tools includes: laser distance measuring tools, line lasers, point lasers, rotary lasers, optical levels, digital levels, and more. Included in the brand’s instruments line are: infrared thermometers, moisture meters, a video inspection probe, measuring wheels, electrical system testers, digital tachometers, wall detectors, and more.
About Prime-Line Products
For more than 40 years, Prime-Line Products has been recognized as North America’s largest supplier of window and door replacement hardware. Today, the company features thousands of SKUs vital to the maintenance and improvement of residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Headquartered in Redlands, California, Prime-Line is part of GreatStar Tools, U.S.A, a subsidiary of the GreatStar Group of companies.

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