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Planning a house party at the end of the year, look out for these brands to make it a perfect one

by Prittle Prattle Team

This year house party has been long and it is coming to an end and year ending has always been the time of celebration and joy. What’s better than celebrating it in your home in this time of Pandemic? Celebrating the last day of 2021 and the first day of 2022 with your loved ones in your most comforting place ‘home’ is nothing less than a blessing. Instead of squandering the money in Bars and Pubs with risks to health, it’s better to enjoy in your house.

House parties have been proved as a legitimate event for bringing people closer. To make this event more happening and enjoyable we have brought some ideas. If you want to be remembered as an ‘amazing host’ in your circle, here is your guide to it. So, without further ado these are the five brands that will make your house party a grand success.

Independence Brewing Company

Independence Brewing Company (IBC) is a brand that thrives on the concept of ‘Togetherism’ and offers the ideal spot for people who have a taste for life as well as the goodness of great beers. IBC is the only outlet that delivers its iconic craft beers at your doorstep. People who have a penchant for craft beers and are looking to unwind at a chic spot should definitely look for its home delivery service and it saves you from stepping out and hustling to purchase the alcohol from wine shops. Be sure to try their craft beers like Apple Cider and Strawberry Cider or Belgian Wit Beer.

Open for all days from 11am to midnight on both the outlets.


To get party ready you have to groom yourself. Grooming is the secret of real elegance. The best clothes, the most wonderful jewels, the most glamorous beauty don’t count without good grooming. For this, Zlade is the brand you turn to. It’s a leading grooming D2C brand which offers a comprehensive line of men and women grooming products. Zlade has also launched a Ballistic Luxury gift box for men which includes 1 Ballistic Manscaping Trimmer, 1 Intimate Wash for Men and 1 Intimate Cologne Gel for Men. It contains a private part trimmer for men specifically designed to shave the most intimate parts of the body, even on and around the private parts. The safest trimmer around, to protect his manhood and his crown jewels, literally ballistic!

Gaia Gourmet

French, Italian, Spanish, English, Japanese, Pan Asian, Maharashtrian, Indian, Burmese and Mexican this classy joint offers all these cuisines under one roof. Plus, if you are a vegan then they also provide all your vegan, keto and gluten-free friends! In addition to the food Gaia also offers premium glassware and crockery, floral décor and consultations with the chefs themselves. Gaia Gourmet is best for a party of 25 people.

Wanna Party

This brand specializes in bachelorette party decorations and theme costumes, casino party supplies, birthday decorations, Halloween party supplies and costumes and much more. They offer over 1,000 costumes for men, women as well as children! In fact, this is one of the most famous brands in India known for renting costumes and buying party supplies. We recommend them for the quality of products and wide range of options.

Urban Clap

The brand is very well known for offering a wide range of services from housekeeping to beauty and spa. But many people opt for their home cleaning service for an after party. Cleaning your house after a party is a challenging job and sometimes it requires deep cleaning by experts. So, the Urban Clap team will provide you the expertise in deep cleaning, disinfecting and helping prevent the risk of any type of infection.

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