Pamela K. Keyser’s newly released “Cracks in the Red Glass: Growing Through the Aftermath of Abuse” is an inspiring exploration of the author’s healing journey

MEADVILLE, Pa., “Cracks in the Red Glass: Growing Through the Aftermath of Abuse”: an emotionally charged memoir that will leave a definitive mark on readers.

“Cracks in the Red Glass: Growing Through the Aftermath of Abuse” is the creation of published author Pamela K. Keyser, a loving wife who resides in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina.

Keyser shares, “…that she found herself on her own, after thirteen years of abuse at the hands of various people. She realized she knew everything about how to survive and nothing about how to live.

“In ‘Cracks in the Red Glass,’ many of the abusive individuals are gone, and the author felt she could tell the entire truth of her story, no holding back. It was sometimes to the author’s embarrassment or hard to talk about the things that happened, but she did. ‘It’s the raw truth. Not all of it is flattering; the truth isn’t always pretty.’

“The head of the psychology department in college helped provide her with therapy and mentorship. Recovering from abuse is not a success-only story. She reverted to old defensive tactics many times after therapy. She found love but hid who she was out of fear because she didn’t know how to be a wife and mother.
“Ten years after her wedding, a tidal wave threatens to drown the marriage, but that is when it genuinely began to grow. She decides to be herself. The story is about how she and her spouse overcame, not only her childhood mistreatment but also their former destructive patterns.
“In two sections of the book, she describes what happened to her when her mother’s boyfriend kidnapped and raped her for three days. She was nine years’ old. These sections are labeled with a warning to others who may have experienced rape or abuse and may not want to read them.
“Finally, she confronts her sexual abuse, names it, and describes it to her partner. We discover it as she brings it up to herself. And the truth sets her free. Speaking it aloud burned off any remaining residual shame and blame directed at herself. You will experience this with her.
“This is a book about how one woman crawled out of the ugly underbelly of abuse to face the sun and step into joy. It is a tale of courage, healing, and hope.”
Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Pamela K. Keyser’s new book is a heartfelt and heartrending autobiographical work.
Keyser shares the highs and lows of recovery following a childhood of abuse and neglect.
Consumers can purchase “Cracks in the Red Glass: Growing Through the Aftermath of Abuse” at traditional brick & mortar bookstores, or online at, Apple iTunes store, or Barnes and Noble.

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