Nurture Boss Announces Partnership with Rentgrata

Automated lead nurturing, resident referral platform integration provides transparency, personalized engagement to prospects

PHOENIX , Nurture Boss, a premier lease conversion automation tool that provides marketing solutions for the multifamily industry, announced it has partnered with Rentgrata to integrate its automated lead nurturing pages with Rentgrata’s resident referral platform.

Rengrata, headquartered in Chicago, is a messaging platform that connects prospective renters with current residents of apartment communities to provide transparency and trust in the leasing process. The Rentgrata and Nurture Boss platform integration streamlines the customer journey for renters and provides a more informative leasing process with referral rewards for current and new residents.

“This partnership is redefining the customer journey for modern renters by providing an unprecedented level of transparency and trust,” said Jacob Carter, CEO of Nurture Boss. “Nurture Boss and Rentgrata share a common goal of personalizing the customer journey and helping operators convert more leases. Rentgrata has transformed resident engagement, and this partnership enables operators to not only reach a larger segment of customers earlier in the leasing journey, but also to ease the decision-making process and establish meaningful relationships with residents.”

Through Nurture Boss’ lease conversion automation tool, prospects are contacted during the early touchpoints in the leasing process with personalized information pertaining to their individual needs. Prospects can access Rentgrata’s messenger chat functionality directly from communication sent by Nurture Boss. This means prospects can connect with current residents and ask questions. The messenger window offers a list of residents that prospects have the opportunity to chat with asynchronously.
With Rentgrata’s resident referral platform, Nurture Boss automates personalized content to prospects with the opportunity for organic, genuine testimony from residents who live within the community. Modern renters not only desire more personalization in their shopping experiences, but a higher caliber of transparency when it comes to a new apartment. It streamlines the apartment search while making a decision to lease much easier.
“We saw an increase in the number of new conversations between prospects and residents after integrating Nurture Boss with Rentgrata,” said Ben Margolit, co-founder and CEO of Rentgrata. “Nurture Boss reaches more customers earlier in the leasing process, and when prospects are afforded that additional transparency through speaking with current residents, they have the confidence needed to move forward with signing a lease.”
The personalized communication each customer receives in the early stages, combined with the ability to get an authentic sense of what it’s like to live in a particular community via peer-to-peer conversations, is an innovative way to improve the leasing process. It attracts more customers and leads to greater lease conversions and increased resident satisfaction. Additionally, the increased sense of community boosts the likelihood that residents who participate renew their lease, increasing resident retention.
“Consumers seek authentic testimonials from somebody who has experienced a community firsthand,” said Claudia Giannetta, director of marketing at Fore Properties. “We had a traditional resident referral program in place, but the combination of utilizing the Nurture Boss and Rentgrata services helps us reach the consumer earlier on in their journey, convert more leases and build better relationships with residents. It’s been a real game changer for us.”
About Nurture Boss
Nurture Boss operationalizes CRMs with data-powered Lease and Renewal Conversion Automation and helps apartment operators orchestrate marketing efforts into a cohesive strategy. Lease and Renewal Conversion Automation means automating all follow up and communication with prospects and residents to ensure each customer receives the right message at the right time. Nurture Boss identifies hot leads, schedules more tours, gets more applications and signs more leases with Lease Conversion Automation. Nurture Boss’ Renewal Conversion Automation creates a better move-in experience, drives more resident referrals, captures more online reviews and achieves more renewals. For more information, visit
About Rentgrata
Rentgrata is the first renter insights platform that creates connections and builds community for multifamily properties. As the only messaging platform for prospective and current residents to connect and share feedback, Rentgrata facilitates real conversations, while delivering data that helps multifamily professionals better understand renter needs. By helping apartment buildings feel more like communities, Rentgrata reduces resident turnover and increases NOI, while offering residents the chance to capitalize on referral incentives and connect in new ways.

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