Notion Press publishing platform enables independent authors to monetise during the lockdown

Mumbai, 27th June,2021: Over 30,000 writers have published their books and sold books worth INR 50 crores till date. Notion Press that launched its do-it-yourself self-publishing platform in April 2019, is churning out a record 2,000 books a month. That’s one new book being published every twenty-five minutes.

“Ever since we launched the platform two years ago writers have been using it to build their  brand and to convert their passion/expertise into earnings. Our top authors earn over INR 10 lakhs from selling their books on Notion Press. We are excited about fueling the passion economy in India where creators can earn meaningful revenue, doing what they love,” says Naveen Valsakumar, Co-founder and CEO of Notion Press.

Notion Press’ authors range from the age of seven to ninety-four – giving life to their mission of putting the power of publishing into everyone’s hands. These authors range from students to educators, entrepreneurs to bureaucrats, home makers to professionals – all of them writing on topics of their passion and expertise. Writers can publish their books in English, Hindi, Tamil and other Indian languages. The most popular genres are mystery & thriller, romance, biography, management books, business self-help and poetry.

The Notion Press publishing platform provides a seamless interface that enables writers to design their book and set it up for global distribution. The best part, It is completely free to use, thereby eliminating one of the biggest barriers to publishing. This means writers who have a fully completed & edited manuscript in hand can go from being a first-time writer to a published author in just a matter of minutes.

“We have over 350,000 writers who are part of our community and in various stages of writing their books,” said Shiraj Abdul, AVP – Publishing at Notion Press. “It’s fast, easy and free. We also provide an ISBN for each version of the book and distribute our books across the globe. Writers on Notion Press get instant access to their book sales data enabling them to understand who is buying their book and where its popular. We share 70% of the profits with our writers,” he added.

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