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Norway should be on each traveler’s bucket list!

Norway: Over a thousand fjords can be found along Norway's coast.

Norway: The fjords of Norway should stay on each traveler’s bucket list as they are one of the most stunning views on the planet.

Norway: These long, narrow inlets, which run the length of the west coast of the country, were created millions of years ago as glaciers carved through the mountains, leaving meandering tunnels rich of pristine wilderness.

Discover awe-inspiring cliffs and lovely streams in this remarkable region. It’s a perfect time to plan your trip to Norway because there are so many fantastic bargains on tours and travel packages. Norway is stunning all year and has plenty to offer in every season. Summer is the most pleasant season, with lengthy hours of sunlight. It’s also peak tourist season, so expect to see the most people.

Because the days are shorter and cooler in the spring and fall, the people thin out, but it’s also a perfect time to observe spring blossoms or fall colours in the mountains. Winter is bitterly cold, with long hours of darkness, yet it is also a season of stark beauty.

Snow-covered fjords and ice waterfalls can be seen. The fjords provide breathtaking vistas from both higher and lower. The Stegastein viewpoint, which juts out nearly half a mile above the famed Aurlandsfjord, is one of the most beautiful. The most popular way to visit the fjords is on a Norway fjords trip in a boat or kayak.

As you thread your way through small streams, you’ll be surrounded by massive cliffs and gushing waterfalls. Seals and porpoises may also be seen playing in the water. Throughout the year, ferries and fjord cruises travel between Gudvangen, Aurland, and Flam. Over a thousand fjords can be found along Norway’s coast.

The most popular is Naeroyfjord, which is included on most excursions. Its cliffs climb over 6,000 feet and are narrow and spectacular (1800 meters). Aurlandsfjord, which is close by, is recognised as one of the most beautiful fjords in the world.

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