New Bluetooth management system from 25-year industry leader will streamline bike rental and storage

SACRAMENTO, Calif., Industry-leading manufacturer Dura Bike Locker is pleased to announce simple smartphone bike storage through the all-new DX Bluetooth Bike Locker.

Designed to give bike locker owners the ability to rent, manage and generate revenue through remote bike rentals, the DX Bluetooth Bike Locker aims to change the way businesses, universities, transportation planners and developers facilitate on-site transportation.

While analog bike lockers have traditionally offered simple and secure long-term bicycle storage, managers have been unable to remotely setup and utilize systems for easy rental access. The DX Bluetooth Bike Locker circumvents past storage problems — such as lost keys or uncertainties about bike rental availability — by giving owners the ability to remotely rent lockers, manage supply and demand and even communicate with riders. The result is a bike locker system that removes longstanding pain points in the rental process, allowing managers to focus on providing superior and consistent service to riders.

“In the past fifty years, bicycle lockers haven’t changed much — until now,” said Chris Luyet, CEO of Dura Bike Lockers. “The past five years have seen a host of ease-of-use improvements and smart-tech advances in bike locker equipment, and I’m extremely proud to say that our team at Dura Bike Locker has been at the forefront of this change.”

The DX Bluetooth Bike Locker is designed to provide businesses, city planners, facilities owners and other public space managers with a new suite of tools to manage on-site transit. Organizations looking to customize their bike locker branding can easily do so with in-app features that allow users to update logos, colors and imaging for a personalized rider experience. Additionally, web portal and companion app services allow locker owners to streamline the rental process, reducing the administrative burden of tracking key management and hiring rental staff.
Businesses that already utilize analog Dura Bike Lockers can quickly upgrade their storage systems to support Bluetooth capabilities!
About Dura Bike Locker
Since 1994, Dura Bike Locker has been an industry leader in bicycle locker technology, as well as bicycle racks, bike repair stations, bike shelters, specialty lockers, custom services and more. With a well-rounded team of industry professionals dedicated to providing a suite of 360-degree solutions for customers and communities alike, Dura Bike Locker is committed to creating transportation and architectural advances that empower businesses and developers to succeed.

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