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Rizzle Announces Positive Music Partnership With Day One in 2021

KASYAP’s #khoyasa Sparks A Melodious Wave On Rizzle

by Prittle Prattle Team

29th December 2021: Rizzle, India’s leading short videos platform, has partnered with Day One to engage its users with an even more diverse music catalog. Day One, a subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment, is an up-and-coming music label whose sole purpose is to launch the next generation of budding artists.

Day One recently released a new swoon-worthy track, “khoya sa,” by talented singer KASYAP. Rizzle users fell in love with the romantic song as creators made beautiful Filmi and Rimix videos on the track. Singer KASYAP urged Rizzle users to check out the music and create Filmis and Rimix videos on khoya sa. Creators participated in the #khoyasa contest that was held exclusively on Rizzle. The hashtag received an extremely passionate response on the short videos app.

Regarding the collaboration with Rizzle, Singer KASYAP states, “The launch of khoya sa has been a very exciting time for me, and the collaboration with Rizzle was a match made in heaven. I’ve seen the #khoyasa Filmi videos on Rizzle, and I was blown away by the creativity and talent there. I hope we can collaborate more often in the future for my upcoming tracks!

As Norah Jones rightfully stated, making music is part social, part interaction, and part collaboration.”

Sridevi Gottipati, Principal Program Manager at Rizzle, mentions, “We are pleased to partner with Day One, a label that puts “talent” first, aligning well with our motto. This association will allow our users to access an ever-evolving music catalog. We want to catalyze their creative expression by providing them with the right resources and features on our platform.”

Sana Afreen, CCO & Staff Program Manager at Rizzle, mentions, “We love watching our creators come up with increasingly creative content and truly expressing themselves on our platform. Our association with Day One will help us achieve the common goal of propelling budding talent to the spotlight. We will continue to build our music catalog and develop the next generation of stars together.”


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