Lilysilk unlocks the secrets to better sleep on world sleep day

LILYSILK, the world’s leading silk brand with a mission to inspire people to live spectacular, sustainable lives, is putting the spotlight on high-quality sleep this World Sleep Day. The following three tips can help unlock better sleep, with silk the key for sweet dreams.

Tip #1: Set the Right Temperature

According to scientific research, the ideal temperature for sleep is about . Not only is the temperature of the room important, but the temperature of the comforter is crucial as well. Because silk can absorb moisture quickly – and we tend to sweat while we sleep – silk comforters help regulate body temperature. They are also designed to let air flow more freely within, and this method of temperature regulation prevents us from getting too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter during sleep.

Tip #2: Choose the Right Pillow

The pillow is an essential accessory for sleep, and finding the right design is critical. Pillows should never be too low or too high, as these positions can prevent you from falling asleep and the cervical spine from entering a state of relaxation. A silk pillowcase is also recommended as the strength of the fibers prevents the pillow’s filling from moving and transforming into an uneven shape. 

Tip #3: Get in the Mood

A relaxed state of mind helps us mentally prepare for sleep. When the hour does come, silk pajamas such as LILYSILK’s 22 Momme Chic Trimmed Silk Pajamas Set offer the comfort needed to enter this zone. Not only is silk breathable, but it is also smooth and soft to the touch.

“At LILYSILK, we firmly believe that a good night’s sleep means more to your health than anything else in the world,” says David Wang, CEO of LILYSILK. “We seek to help our customers unlock the power that rest brings, by enabling them to create the healthiest and most comfortable sleeping environment with our silk pajamas, pillowcases, sheets, and eye masks.”

The authored article is Dr. Abhilasha Narayan, Consultant – Gynaec Oncology, by Prittle Prattle News  exclusively.
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