Healthcare Benefits Industry Disruptor to Keynote the 26th Annual Tipaaa Conference

NASHVILLE, Tenn., NextGen Benefits Network Founder Nelson Griswald has been named keynote speaker for the 26th Annual The IPA Association of America (TIPAAA) Conference held in Orlando, Florida, March 24-26, 2022. Succeeding the kickoff address, Griswold and Walmart Health and Wellness Senior Clinical Executive Soujanya Chinni Pulluru, MD, will participate in an interview-style conversation about how America’s largest employer views the future of independent physicians.

Nelson Griswold is an industry titan I can count on to inform & invigorate – IPA Association President, Albert Holloway
TIPAAA is the leading trade association serving Independent Physician Association and represents more than 303,000 physicians affiliated with IPAs. This conference has been touted as the industry’s boot camp offering a variety of advancing educational programs. “Our goal is to present top speakers and highly valuable information.

Nelson Griswold is an industry titan I can count on to inform and invigorate our IPAs about their work and impact,” stated Founder and CEO/President of The IPA Association of America, Albert Holloway. “Providing critical information that catalyzes a vital movement is not only an honor but an obligation, says Nelson Griswold. “In an industry where standards and practices are not only outdated but exhibit an abuse of control, I’d be remiss not sharing practices that I know add quantifiable value to the work of the IPA’s and their physician clients.”

Griswold’s talk entitled, “The First-Party Payer” Revolution – Restoring the Primacy of the American Physician,” will present third-party payers issues by asking and addressing the following questions:

How happy are physicians with the payment arrangements with insurance companies? Would your doctors be interested in an alternative to the third-party pay system?What impact could direct-pay for their services have on your physicians? Could you grow your IPA membership if you could show doctors how to earn more and have a less stressful lifestyle?
The 10:00 am interview-syle conversation, promises to enlighten and inform. With 90 percent of Americans living within 10 miles of one of Walmart’s 5,000+ retail locations, it is uniquely positioned to provide health and wellness services to all Americans. Griswold and Pulluru will discuss Walmart’s views on independent physicians and the impact of their 2019 introduction of the Walmart Health Primary Care Clinics. They will also cover the retail giant’s recent acquisition of telehealth company meMD and what this progressive move means to the overall healthcare industry.
About NextGen Benefits
The NextGen Benefits Mastermind Partnership is the employer health care industry’s premier peer exchange network committed to improving the quality of health care while making it affordable by managing the supply chain of employees’ health care for quality and cost. The Mastermind’s Vision Statement – “The highest quality health care, accessible and affordable for all Americans, beginning with the employees of our employer clients” is the group’s “Why,” driving each adviser/member to disrupt the broken benefits industry and the dysfunctional health care delivery system.

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