The All-Time Greatest Shonen Anime (May 2022)

Take a look at Attack on Titan or Dragon Ball for examples of well-made shonen anime

These shonen anime include enough heart-pounding action to satisfy any fan of the genre.

Take a look at Attack on Titan or Dragon Ball for examples of well-made shonen anime. It is by far the most popular “genre” of anime, with innumerable manga adaptations and original shows produced for fans. Shonen is also a demographic rather than a traditional genre, hence it encompasses a broad range of shows.

It might be tough to decide which anime series to watch in a category with so many to pick from. Still, certain shonen anime are so good that they stand out from the crowd and should be on every fan’s must-watch list until they’ve watched them all.

The Spy X Family

Except for the return of Kaguya-sama, Spy x Family is the most anticipated show of Spring 2022, and the anime adaptation has mostly lived up to expectations. Set in a planet marked by conflict between two great powers, a spy is charged with infiltrating a prominent institution, a procedure that requires him to acquire a family in a week. As a result, Loid Forger does exactly that, adopting the lovely Anya and marries Yor.

It’s simple to claim that Dragon Ball should be included, but One Piece has over 960 episodes to watch, putting it on a pedestal that no other anime can match. The exploits of Luffy and his crew have become legendary, and trying to watch the full series has become an ultimate challenge for anime aficionados.

Despite its length, numerous individuals begin the series from the beginning and continue to the conclusion. It only goes to demonstrate how amazing this long-running story is.

Kimetsu No Yaiba, Demon Slayer

While this entry may smack of recency bias, Demon Slayer’s success cannot be discounted only on the basis of one episode’s worth of superb animation. After a slow-burning first season that burst in popularity at the conclusion, Demon Slayer went on to release the highest-grossing anime film ever, as well as a sequel season that perhaps outperforms its predecessor in terms of action, thrill and character transformation.

Kimetsu no Yaiba is a simple story of a brother who will do anything to defend his family, particularly his sister who has been infected by demons. Demon Slayer is a modern classic, powered by outstanding action, terrifying adversaries, and contentious comedic relief.

Death Note
Death Note is a shonen anime that primarily focuses on a fight of wits rather than biceps. It is a psychological thriller about a serial murderer and the detective(s) attempting to put him to justice. Light Yagami discovers the Death Note, which allows him to murder anybody merely by writing their name within the book’s pages. Light begins to construct a new world in his vision as Kira, which inevitably draws the attention of the authorities.
Your Lie in April
Despite widespread belief that shonen is exclusively of the fighting sort, the “genre” encompasses considerably more than just Dragon Ball and Naruto. Your Lie in April shows a distinct side of shonen, one that is motivated by emotion, heart, and comedy.
Your Lie in April is about a musical prodigy who is striving to find his passion for music after his mother’s death. He strikes up a relationship with Kaori, and things take a turn for the worst from there. Bring Kleenex because Your Lie in April is the ultimate anime tearjerker.
Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Brotherhood more closely matches the plot of the original manga created by Hiromu Arakawa. “The rule of equal exchange” is a term that all anime fans are familiar with because the series is so well-known.
The hunt for the Philosopher’s Stone by the Elric Brothers is a thrilling odyssey loaded with political intrigue to complement its amazing action sequences. The episode also has several moments that will make even the most hardened anime fans weep, so bring tissues.
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