Finding Freedom: How Jay H. Tepley’s Unbreakable Entrepreneur is Helping Entrepreneurs Break Free From the Darkness of Depression For Good

In the United States alone, over 6 million men suffer from depression. Every 12 minutes, someone takes their own life due to the hopelessness and soul-crushing impacts of this silent disease. Unfortunately, mental health is still a very stigmatized topic, especially in men, more specifically entrepreneurs. Society’s view of men places them in a box where depression is seen as weakness and defeat — however, mental health advocates like Jay H. Tepley are taking strides to help prevent depression and suicide in young men and entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs are not like everyone else. They hold themselves to a higher standard, are harder on themselves, and more often than not, expect nothing less than perfection, creating a vicious cycle of crippling anxiety and hopeless depression when things are less than ideal.

Jay H. Tepley’s new book Unbreakable Entrepreneur provides a beacon of hope in the darkness for male entrepreneurs struggling with depression. Following her Unbreakable ONE system for healing depression through a mindfulness-based and personal evolution practice that involves Jung’s archetype psychology to usher in a new era of empowered entrepreneurs dedicated to overcoming the continual struggle of mental health.

Tepley takes a raw, authentic, and unabashed approach to helping entrepreneurs win in the face of adversity. Having dealt with severe depression herself, Jay understands at an extremely vulnerable level the mental struggles that millions battle daily. After living in Japan and practicing mindfulness and focus, Jay saw first-hand how these ancient practices transformed her mental health.

“Depression is your soul’s cry for help in a reality it’s suffocating in.” – Jay H. Tepley, Author of Unbreakable Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs hold up the backbone of economy and help drive society forward with grit and grace. Tepley holds firm in the belief that these entrepreneurs deserve genuine support and need to be equipped with the solutions that work. Unbreakable Entrepreneur’s easily-digested format allows readers to take small actionable steps to rise above the darkness and step into the light of their inner strength and true, unabashed entrepreneurial spirit. This 100-page book includes Jay H Tepley’s best freedom strategies, insights, and inspiration to make a systemic change in the way society views true strength and vulnerability.
“I use a unique mix of psychology and no-fluff practical spirituality (such as meditation and mindfulness) that is designed to create the best results for the Western audience, with a focus on preventing depression and suicide in young men.” – Jay H. Tepley, Author of Unbreakable Entrepreneur
Through proof of concept, dedication to innovation, and unwavering commitment to helping entrepreneurs overcome depression, Jay H. Tepley’s purpose-driven vision has come to fruition with Unbreakable Entrepreneur.
About Jay H. Tepley
Jay H. Tepley is an author, entrepreneur, international speaker, and passionate mental health advocate. A lifelong geek and a research aficionado, she helps entrepreneurs overcome depression through her proven masculine-geared system of spiritual evolution. Her program showed many men the road to personal power and renewed hope and is credited with saving many lives. She spent the last 20 years teaching and coaching students around the globe. In her new book Unbreakable Entrepreneur, Tepley provides a purpose-driven guide to heal and overcome depressions through the power of mindfulness, psychology, and no-fluff practical spirituality. Her mental health supporting charity work was featured in the Guardian, The Jeremy Vine Show and BBC 1

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