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FaTH: Soil-to-serum skincare for beauty and sustainability

BOSTON, May 12, 2021:  Soil health as a means for plant potency is the new frontier in plant-based skincare, supporting two vital aspects in the space: quality ingredients and sustainability.

Slow Beauty one plant at a time

As more consumers seek clean beauty options, plant-based skincare continues to grow, especially as clinical trials have confirmed that plant oils and extracts have the power to heal and rejuvenate. For example, calendula has been proven to soothe inflammation, calm redness, promote blood flow and circulation, as well as stimulate collagen growth. These powerful benefits have expanded plant-based skincare into the performance skincare category, a space dominated only years ago by lab created ingredients.

Now, to offer the most powerful plant-based performance, potency has emerged as key, bringing a new focus to how ingredients are grown and cultivated. And consumers are also increasingly demanding sustainably sourced options. All of this lays the foundation for soil-to-serum skincare, like the impressive farm-based skincare companies we see emerging from Europe and Australia.

One closer to home is FaTH, a luxury collection mixed at Apple Street Farm, a family farmstead based in Essex, Massachusetts, that dates back to 1634. The historic farm serves as a field laboratory for heirloom seeds and old vine grafts, grown in proprietary soil and cultivated for potency and purity with the earth’s natural rhythms, with plans for extracts from these exquisitely cultivated plants to become heroes in the collection in 2022. This is what Founder Faith Appleton calls slow beauty, from soil to serum, one plant at a time.

FaTH takes plant-based skincare to new levels by digging deeper into the way the plant is grown and cultivated. All ingredients are cultivated for potency with ideal conditions, and the products are formulated by top chemists, offering farm-based skincare with the best of potency, purity, performance, and outcomes for the planet.

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