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Energy conservation, understanding the need of the hour

Energy conservation is to avoid excessive energy use and use the least power to save energy for the future. It is the need of the hour

By Prittle Prattle News

 In our country, 14th December 2020 is observed as National Energy Conservation Day. Before we understand the significance of this day, it is essential to note that energy conservation is critical. The actual meaning of energy conservation is to avoid excessive energy use and use the least power to save energy for the future. We can do this only by making conservation habits part of our daily lives. With the growing population and needs every hour in our country, our energy needs are also taking an upsurge. We should understand the importance of energy and let our future generation know its significance.

Importance of Conserving Energy

This day holds special awareness to create a concern of saving energy for the future. The main aim behind observing this day is to make people aware of life and lessen its use. Every individual in society can contribute towards saving energy by not wasting energy such as stopping the use of fans, lights and switching them off when not in use will create a better future for the next generation. We should remember to take this small step by each of us, which can play a significant role in the National Energy Conservation Campaign. 

In many countries, to save energy, the government charges a tax known as energy tax or a carbon tax. The right meaning of energy conservation is to stop the unnecessary use of electricity and energy. With this tax on high energy consumption, energy use has decreased, and awareness has increased among users. National energy conservation day is a medium and an approach towards creating strategy. We use energy in our day to day life. According to Prittle Prattle, The best way to preserve energy is to promote energy-saving products, which can help a great deal. This day is to spread awareness to use limited resources in the right way. 

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