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Draupadi was a brave princess!

In the Hindu epic Mahabharata, Draupadi was a brave princess. One who was firm and a woman who was unyielding in her resolve. Draupadi, the Mahabharata’s proud and enraged heroine, has remained an intriguing woman of substance. Draupadi was the daughter of Drupad, the king of Panchala, and the wife and queen of the five great Pandavas, known for her beauty as well as her steely determination. Volcanic in nature, she reduced her foes to ashes. This fiery princess on a mission for revenge could also be sympathetic and generous. Draupadi had gained the strength to face life’s challenges. She had made a solid decision not to damage the good people or yield to the evil. Draupadi was a lady, but her tenacity earned her the same fame as the brave Pandavas. Her personality was thunderous and lightning-like. In terms of power and spirit, heroism and virtue, this remarkable heroine is no less than Bheema or Arjuna. Her narrative is one of hardship and humiliation, yet she took it all in stride and triumphed over the perpetrators of her shame and anguish. Draupadi continuously finds her five husbands rejecting her: each takes at least one more woman; she never has Arjuna to herself because he marries Ulupi, Chitrangada, and prefers Subhadra. Yudhishthira promises her as if she were a piece of property in a game of dice, and then they abandon her to die alone on the roadside as a pauper, rikta – emptied in every way. Draupadi, which means Drupad’s daughter, was also known by various other names. She was known as Panchali because she was the princess of the kingdom of Panchal. She was known as Parsati since she was Prushata’s granddaughter. Draupadi is often referred to as Yagnyaseni since she was born of fire.

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