Don’t Stress About Pms

PMS is something we women deal with on a daily basis. It is a combination of physical and emotional symptoms which may be easy to overcome for some women.

For others, there are days when it becomes really difficult to do your daily tasks. Emotional symptoms include irritability, anxiety, difficulty concentrating, trouble sleeping, or crying. Physical symptoms are mainly reflected in bloating, weight gain, fatigue, appetite, and headache. One of the most common PMS symptoms is breast tenderness.

Taking the right supplements, eating healthy, and avoiding certain ingredients can help manage symptoms. Eating highly processed and highly preserved foods may contribute to inflammation and insulin resistance. Keeping that in mind, BARE BODY ESSENTIALS has come up with their own Remedy, the PMS RELIEF CAPSULES: With Chasteberry Extract to get relief from Periods Cramps, Hormonal Acne, Bloating (60 Capsules)

Here are some ways to deal with PMS:
Maintain a healthy weight: Weight loss lowers insulin and androgen levels and restores ovulation. Talk to your doctor about a weight management program and see a nutritionist regularly to help you reach your weight loss goals.

Be active: Exercise helps lower blood sugar levels. If you have PMS, increasing your daily activity and participating in a regular exercise program can help treat or prevent insulin resistance, control your weight, and prevent the development of diabetes.

Limit carbohydrates: Low-fat, high-carbohydrate meals can raise insulin levels. If you have PMS, talk to your doctor about a low-carbohydrate diet. Choose complex carbohydrates, which slow the rise in blood sugar.

Tea tree oil: Face washes containing tea tree oil can help reduce acne. Research has shown that tea tree essential oil can prevent the growth of bacteria associated with acne.
Vitamins, supplements, and other complementary therapies are popular with women with PMS. Researchers are studying the effectiveness of such treatments.

About Bare Body: It’s BAREly a surprise that it takes time and effort to heal your skin from all the external and internal factors that are ready to attack and almost always before an important event. However, it doesn’t have to be that troublesome. We at Bare Body Essentials believe that every skin concern is valuable, and every concern needs to be dealt with in the most legitimate way. Our skin and body are not only how people perceive us from the outside but also how we perceive ourselves from the inside. Ultimately, it all comes to us taking the best care of ourselves, and we think it’s ESSENTIAL.

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