Dispatch Launches Field Service ‘Mobile Workflows’ for Home Service Brands

Helping service brands and franchisors regain control of their jobs, regardless of who is doing them.

Dispatch, a Boston-based field service management platform designed for franchises and service brands that rely on independent service providers, has launched a new feature in their mobile app designed to help pros adhere to specific job-completion guidelines and collect valuable service intelligence data.

More and more service brands are relying on independent service providers to accommodate record-high job volume, either augmenting or replacing their dedicated workforce. For franchisors, ensuring that each location is delivering a consistent experience internally and externally has always been a challenge.

The Dispatch platform was built from the ground up with these challenges in mind, providing tools to better understand the experience independent pros or franchise locations are delivering to customers, and enabling data-driven decisions to improve decentralized service operations.

The new Mobile Workflows feature was launched to address the unique challenges faced by home service brands across industries – allowing them to dictate what aspects of the Dispatch mobile app their pros must adhere to, and what data they are required to collect.

“One of the primary challenges of working with independent contractors or franchise locations is understanding the specifics of what is going on in your customers’ homes, and feeling like you aren’t in control of that service experience,” says Sam Robinson, Senior Director of Product at Dispatch. “Mobile Workflows is just the latest feature we have released to help brands provide more consistent experiences for their pros and their customers, ensuring each job is done to their standards and with complete visibility”.

Dispatch Mobile Workflows help service brands:

Provide a consistent experience for pros and customers by customizing the Dispatch mobile app to require process and feature compliance. Collect valuable service intelligence data by prompting the right data collection at the right times throughout the end-to-end service experience. Gain guaranteed visibility into specific appointment details by enforcing the collection of before/after photos, job notes, estimates, invoices, job authorizations, customer signatures, and other key aspects of the ideal service experience.

Dispatch customers like Jun Okada, Manager of Locksmith Operations at KeyMe, are already seeing results. “Given the sensitive nature of what a locksmith does, it’s critically important to collect before and after photos for each job. Dispatch helps ensure compliance across all of our locksmiths, giving us proof that each job was completed to our standards as a matter of course”.

Mobile Workflows, when combined with other Dispatch mobile features such as mobile agendas, custom forms, and geo-location job status, give service brands and franchises a degree of control over their jobs and an independent workforce that is unrivaled in the field service space.

Take a look at how Dispatch helped KeyMe improve service pro and customer NPS.
Dispatch, founded in 2013 and headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, is the leading provider of software solutions for enterprise service brands that rely on independent service providers. Dispatch gives service brands visibility into the performance of their independent service providers and control over the customer experience those pros deliver. Dispatch is backed by Vista Equity Partners, a leading global technology investor.
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