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Career Guidebook on Pharmacy will guide students in their careers

Devanssh Mehta has written a book, “Career Guidebook on Pharmacy,” which has been recently published by Blue Rose Publishers. The book is available in the market, and almost all major online e-commerce websites.

By Devanssh Mehta

Career Guidebook on Pharmacy will guide students in their careers

Devanssh Mehta is a Masters in Pharmacy in Pharmacology and MBA from Mumbai University. He is an experienced pharmaceutical professional. He has worked in Sales, Marketing, Digital marketing, Content curator as well as presently working in Academics.
As told to Prittle Prattle News, he has written a book, “Career Guidebook on Pharmacy,” which has been recently published by Blue Rose Publishers. The book is available in the market, and almost all major online e-commerce websites.
The author has written the book for the purpose of helping the students currently pursuing different courses in the pharmaceuticals. The Career Guidebook on Pharmacy, opens up and mentions the different professions associated with the pharmacy. There is no doubt that the pharmacy has a huge scope. This is what the author has carried out an effort and mentioned the different career perspectives in his book.
Pharmaceutical Industry is growing at a very fast pace, and even in times of CORONA Pandemic, the pharmaceutical companies are working day and night with the help of a talented and educated workforce. The global pharmaceutical industry has been recently reported to be the US $1.3 trillion dollars, whereas the Indian pharmaceutical Industry has reported, 55 billion dollars’ worth in value perspective. The development of either vaccines or anti-viral therapy against corona is now near possible due to advances in research and development technologies. Soon the world will be gifted with the legit treatment for this corona, and the pandemic would mainly come to an end.
Pharmaceutical Industry, if seen from the perspectives of experts, has huge potential in helping the humanity with the help of different drugs and dosage forms, for the benefit of patients, and the society as a whole. In the past also, the pharmaceutical industry has helped to fight against SARS as well as Ebola pandemics. And the author feels that it will also handle the corona pandemic with the sword of drugs.
Medicines are basically a lifeline for any registered medical practitioner, whether he is working in rural parts of the world or in the urban parts of the world. They are basically healthcare warriors, and the arms and ammunition provided to them in none other than the pharmaceutical companies working on developing and marketing of innovative drugs for the benefit of mankind. Worlds Numero Uno pharmaceutical company is working at supersonic speeds in order to bring into the marketing effective medicines and treatments for a wide range of diseases, either not so dangerous to the most lethal ones.
A career in Pharmaceuticals has a wide scope. As in the pharmaceutical graduates can join the Research and Development sector, or the marketing sector, or the academics. Not only this, they can even find scope in working as government officers, and pharmacists in government hospitals. Pharmacy is one of the unique fields where recessions are happening in the decade’s cycle have no effect on its operations and its functioning. It can be said, that Pharmaceutical is basically a recession-free sector, which is one of the biggest advantages the students can look for while thinking of building careers in pharmaceuticals.
The pharmaceutical industry provides a wide range of job opportunities for the budding youngsters, looking forward to bright and successful careers out of the wide range of career opportunities available at their doorsteps. Brand management, Product management, and Business consultancy, as well as becoming an entrepreneur, are a few of the biggest job options the youngsters can look forward to. Building an effective pharmaceutical profile for self is a must, to grow in the field of pharmaceuticals. Coming on the skill sets required to build a successful career in the field of pharmacy requires not only the intelligence and knowledge, but also the right attitude and right mental perspective in order to build a beautiful career around the pharmaceuticals.
Marketing wing in pharmaceutical Industry provides huge growth opportunities as such in brand marketing, brand management, portfolio management, pharmaceutical marketing consultant, National sales in charge, and not only this, the person can climb up the ladder in the professional arena and become the managing director of the pharmaceutical company during the course of professional journey respectively.
The pharmacy field provides opportunities to serve the humanity via academic careers, wherein the pharmaceutical agency controlling the functioning of pharmaceutical practices, can provide the person to become a teacher for the youngsters, and build and shape the future of millions of students who are pursuing a career in pharmaceuticals.
The author feels that his book – Career Guidebook on Pharmacy, will help its readers to understand the scope perspective of the pharmacy field, and educate them to build a career in accordance with their respective aptitude and skills developed during the course of time.
Patience is an important element which has its significance not only in other sectors, but also in the pharmaceutical sector.
Getting a Ph.D. degree and becoming a doctorate graduate in pharmacy opens the doors to a wide range of career perspectives and job opportunities to become a leader in life.
Officer-like qualities, such as Effective Intelligence, Adaptability, and having a huge future vision, helps the youngsters to achieve great heights in the field of pharmacy.
Gone are the days, that pharmacy was only restricted to a Medical shop, or as a Medical representative. The pharmacy graduate can join the armed forces, can join the research and development sector, or can even become a member of the national drug regulatory branch, wherein the budding pharmaceutical graduate can look up to becoming a leader in life.
It all depends upon the attitude and aptitude of the person, and if the combination is in balance, the pharmaceutical Industry provides better life and a good atmosphere to grow and throw an inspirational mark for others to follow.
The author feels that in life, either there is assumption or action. So if you are an action-oriented person who thinks somehow logically and practically, the pharmaceutical industry provides a lot of opportunities and growth perspectives to shine in the life.
The author feels that life is not an easy cup of tea, so is the pharmaceuticals. A lot of efforts and hard work is required from the student’s end, in order to build a career of joy in pharmaceuticals.
So, are you the future pharmaceutical leader?? Who knows??
You will be in the end !!

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