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Brainly Survey: 79% of students missed in-person celebrations at school

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The survey covers student’s sentiments around offline events and celebrations at school ahead of Children’s Day

Mumbai, November 11, 2021: Through its latest survey commissioned on the occasion of Children’s Day, Brainly, the world’s largest online learning platform, has revealed how students have missed in-person celebrations at school. Previous studies found that 77% of students continue to seek assistance from online learning platforms such as Brainly even after their schools have reopened and around 75% would want their schools to follow a hybrid model of learning for the foreseeable future. The latest findings suggest that Brainly is excited to meet their friends and teachers to celebrate occasions like Children’s Day. Here’s looking at the top highlights from the survey

78% of Indian students are excited to be back at school right in time for Children’s Day

The most significant impact of the COVID-19 pandemic was the restriction on movement and gatherings. For students, this meant an almost 2 years long break from physical schools. While they adapted to digital learning during this period, 78% of students are excited to be back at brick-and-mortar schools to meet their peers and teachers, just in time for Children’s Day.

A majority of students look forward to in-person celebrations at school

Amid India’s grand festive season, 79% of students have missed attending in-person events since the commencement of the study-at-home paradigm. As 55% of all students mentioned that their school has conducted on-ground events since the beginning of offline school in the latter half of 2021, they are eagerly looking forward to the upcoming Children’s Day celebrations.

52% of student’s said their schools are conducting physical Children’s Day events

Children’s Day has been one of the most popular and highly anticipated occasions where students and teachers come together to celebrate. The Brainly survey found that 71% of the students know that Children’s Day is celebrated to mark the birth anniversary of India’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru and to raise awareness around childrens’ rights, care, and education. It is, therefore, a welcome revelation that 52% of student’s said that their schools are, once again, conducting an on-ground Children’s Day event this year.
Speaking on the survey, Rajesh Bysani, Chief Product Officer at Brainly, said, “Children’s Day is an exciting occasion for teachers and students as they take a break from the routine. As revealed by our latest survey, the excitement is at its peak this year, with students being back at school after a substantial break. In-person engagement is a crucial aspect of social learning that occurs most efficiently in the classroom setup. Students have been craving in-person interactions with their peers and teachers, which is why the hybrid model has emerged as the future of education in India.”

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