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Brainly Survey: 74% of Indian students find online learning platforms helpful for maths-related queries

by Prittle Prattle Team

Mumbai, December 21, 2021: Mathematics is perhaps one of the most exciting subjects that inculcate crucial life skills – analytical thinking, problem solving, critical thinking, and quantitative reasoning – in students.

Ahead of Mathematics Day, Brainly, the online learning platform where over 350 million students and parents go from questioning to understanding, delved into student’s relationship with maths in the COVID-induced new normal. Here are the key highlights from the survey:

67% of students face challenges while solving maths problems without their teacher’s support

With a subject as tricky as mathematics, a near-immediate shut down of brick-and-mortar schools and a shift to remote learning can understandably baffle students. According to latest survey, 67% of the students find it tough to solve maths problems without their teacher’s support. Fortunately, with technologically-advanced online learning tools, students have been able to cope with the rapid evolution in the education paradigm. In fact, three in four students (76%) mentioned that they enjoy studying maths, indicating their comfort level with the current learning paradigm.

Online learning platforms help students with quality assistance for maths-related problems

The online-assisted learning model has played a vital role in helping students keep up with their studies during the pandemic and continues to supplement offline lessons even as schools reopen. Learning maths is much easier for students with innovative and interactive online learning platforms, as underscored by the Brainly survey. According to the findings, 74% of students found platforms such as helpful in resolving their maths-related queries.

Speaking on the findings, Rajesh Bysani, Chief Product Officer at Brainly, said, “AtBrainly, we deeply understand the challenges students face with mathematics, particularly when they are studying from home. Considering this need-gap, launched BrainlyMath Solver – a tool that assists users by finding solutions for the most complex mathematical problems. This Mathematics Day, we encourage all students struggling with maths or looking for some help to leverage this AI-led tool to access solutions with detailed step-by-step explanations to bolster concepts and excel at the subject.”

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