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Baby dinosaurs are pretty amazing!

These tiny dinos probably lived all year round in cold Alaska.

These tiny dinos probably lived all year round in cold Alaska. According to the ‘unanticipated” discovery of more than 100 baby dinosaur bones and teeth there, a new study indicates baby dinosaurs bred in the frigid area currently the Alaskan Arctic about 70 million years ago.

In such a chilly environment, the researchers were surprised to find evidence for a prehistoric crèche. Alaska had an average of roughly 43 degrees Fahrenheit (6 degrees Celsius). So the dinosaurs would be living in constant darkness and dealing with snowy weather for approximately four months of the year, even during this warm Cretaceous period (145 to 66 million years ago). “The farthest north ever lived by dinosaur dinosaurs, the Prince Creek Formation in northern Alaska, a paleobiologist from the Florida State University, told Live Science.,” he told Live Science. “I do not believe that they could dwell any farther north,” as Alaska now has moved closer than it presently is to the North Pole. “There’s Santa Claus right up there,” he said. The scientific team examined the teeth and bones of the newborns and found out that the remnants of seven different species of dinosaurs. The findings imply that dinosaurs probably resided throughout the year in this refrigerated area because the babies are all too little after hatching for yearly migrations, Erickson added. If these Wee dinosaurs and their parents remained in Alaska all year long, they were probably heat-blooded or endothermic – a quality which would allow them to stay active even while temperatures fell, he added. Researchers have known that dinosaurs lived in polar regions since oil workers found dinosaur bones there in the 1950s, Erickson said. Experts at the University of Alaska North Museum found teens’ baby dinosaurs in the State over the subsequent decades.

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