Announcing HealthDyne, a Powerful New Accelerator for Pharmacy Solutions

HealthDyne launches a bold array of outsource capabilities, driving innovation in medication therapy distribution, consumer engagement and patient care

LAKELAND, Fla., Fueled by rapid change in the healthcare industry, HealthDyne, an investee of The Carlyle Group, brings to market a set of outsourcing solutions for a new era in medication therapy distribution, consumer technologies and patient care. The new company is positioned to enable better care and drive innovation across the healthcare industry. HealthDyne operates in partnership with WellDyne, a pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) within the Carlyle family of companies since 2017.

“HealthDyne powers telehealth and digital healthcare, regional health plans, pharmaceutical manufacturers, provider groups and entrepreneurs,” says Brian Laird, HealthDyne President. “Our pharmacy services help clients optimize their business models, tap into top industry expertise and develop a competitive edge to differentiate and grow.” Outsourcing medication delivery allows companies to plug into proven resources, including clinical expertise, pharmacy automation, infrastructure and advanced consumer engagement technologies.

Since 2016, healthcare providers have turned to WellDyne for medication fulfillment and clinical outsourcing needs. During this unprecedented time of change and innovation, spurred by the pandemic and advancements in science and technology, HealthDyne supports an even wider range of healthcare organizations that need a partner to grow and scale their business. Recognizing a broad market need for experienced medication distribution partners, HealthDyne sets the foundation for healthcare innovators to deliver new models of care.

“Our commitment is to deliver significant cost efficiencies while empowering better care for patients and consumers,” says Jeff Park, Chairman and CEO at WellDyne. “Healthcare companies have been relying on us for years, depending on our capabilities to get their therapies into the hands of customers and provide digital tools to promote stronger engagement. With HealthDyne, our bold thinking and flawless execution are readily available to an expanded set of companies that are driving meaningful change in healthcare.”
HealthDyne serves the healthcare industry with prescription fulfillment and delivery, front and back-end customer service, consumer engagement technologies, optimized service delivery, and industry-leading clinical and patient support programs.
About HealthDyne
Serving as the behind-the-scenes pharmacy partner for some of the biggest names in healthcare, HealthDyne works with all types of healthcare organizations to empower better patient care for their customers. In addition to medication distribution services, the company provides a wraparound set of clinical, technological, and patient-centered modules to empower client capabilities. The company leverages multiple state-of-the-art pharmacies owned by its operating partner, WellDyne, to distribute medication therapies to patients across the country.
About WellDyne
For 30+ years, WellDyne has leveraged its deep clinical expertise to achieve better outcomes and reduce pharmacy trend. Knowing that medications are among the safest, easiest and lowest cost treatments to help people live their best lives – WellDyne believes a smarter approach to the delivery of PBM services unleashes the full power of medications to reduce future healthcare costs. WellDyne is owned by The Carlyle Group, a global investment firm.

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