Companies Changing the Women’s Fashion Industry

Every year in the foremost week of March, the world celebrates International Women’s Week, particularly on March 8th, International Women’s Day.

Then it’s back to business as usual. At the same time, everyone is blah blah about female achievers, pioneers, etc. Fashion has always been known for pushing the boundaries. Style is looking to the future with new trends and ideas. The industry will see massive innovation as new technology and changing customer trends and demands transform the sector in the coming years. So, here are some companies revolutionizing the women’s industry.

Monrow Shoes & Accessories,
Homegrown women’s footwear brand, known for fusing fashion and comfort, is on a mission to provide customers with fashionable, affordable, high-quality footwear that genuinely fits their sense of style. Monrow Shoes & Accessories distinguish itself through their unique blend of fashion and comfort and their commitment to sustainability. Celebrity favorites are frequently seen on Disha, Anushka, and gen z OTT stars.

Paris Beauty is a high-end lingerie brand with a 70-year history in Indian intimate clothing for women in India. The group has become the leading producer of gracious and admirable ladies’ undergarments in woven, knitted, and hosiery fabrics. This premium lingerie brand believes in giving its collection a feminine and outspoken fashion edge, thus accounting for women’s assertiveness and self-esteem.

Kosha is an eco-friendly technical clothing brand that creates delicious winter colors while also setting new standards in building sustainable practices such as plastic-free, reusable packaging.

Kosha gets its name from the Sanskrit word for layers, ‘Kosh.’ It caters to the conscious traveler with a collection of winter travel layers that includes functional and fashionable jackets, pullovers, bottoms, athleisure, and accessories. Plus size and children’s layers are also available in eco-friendly and organic cotton materials from the pro-nature brand. Kosha was founded by Yuktie Jhangiani Verma, a third-generation entrepreneur and certified mountaineer.
The indigenous design and color offerings from Kosha are ideal for a fashionable skiing adventure, a mountain hike, or simply a mountain vacation.

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