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Towns in Europe that are deserted and have no inhabitants

Time has been frozen.

Europe is littered with creepy ghost towns, with empty streets, abandoned houses, and crumbling structures. From depopulated military and mining towns and drowned villages to age-old enclaves wrecked by war and disasters or barren contemporary projects abandoned owing to economic collapse, there is something for everyone. Continue reading to learn about some of Europe’s most eerie ghost towns.

The Croatian town of Humac Humac is an abandoned ancient shepherds’ settlement in the heavily forested slopes of Hvar island, near Jelsa, that goes back to the 17th century. Simple stone buildings, tiny courtyards, narrow alleys, and far-reaching vistas of the coast and beyond to the isle of Brac characterize this little town. It’s a lovely spot for a stroll and to get a sense of what life was like in the countryside in this area of Dalmatia. Humac’s overgrown alleys are littered with dried-up wells, weathered wooden barrels, and crumbled stone walls. There are also the ruins of a disused village church, St John and Paul, in addition to abandoned homes. Tourists have taken note of this pastoral enclave’s beauty, and several of Humac’s houses have been renovated as holiday accommodations. In the summer, a wonderfully traditional konoba (tavern) is conveniently located nearby.

Tyneham is a town in England. In this lonely relic of pre-war Britain, sadness seems to permeate the atmosphere. Tyneham was a quiet little Dorset village until the army took it for military training in December 1943, forcing its people to pack up and go. They assumed it would only be for a short time, but the villagers were barred from returning even after the war ended. The land was given a compulsory purchase order to continue to be used for military training. With its overgrown grass and abandoned dwellings, the dead town is still an army zone today, but visits are available. Tyneham has become an unusual tourism attraction for those looking to take a walk in the countryside.

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