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The World’s Most Dangerous Tourist Destinations!

There are several sites in our globe that are suitable for tourist attractions

Everyone enjoys traveling; who doesn’t? There are several sites in our globe that are suitable for tourist attractions. However, care must be taken, especially while going in risky areas. 

  1. Acapulco, Mexico – Mexico offers numerous distinguishing qualities that will undoubtedly entice travelers from all over the world. Unfortunately, it remains the world’s third most violent city. The crime rate is at an all-time high, making it difficult for travelers to enjoy the trip without wondering about the prospect of crooks hiding nearby.
  2. Kingston, Jamaica – Kingston is a fantastic location to visit, especially given its hard reputation. However, being attentive and cautious when traveling is essential due to the increased risk of robbery, drug trafficking, and violence in this area. 
  3. Haiti and the Dominican Republic – Although robbery is not common in the Caribbean, kidnapping, bank/credit card fraud, and violence can occur while a visitor is there. 
  4. Cape Town, South Africa – Africa is one of the essential destinations on the globe to visit. Again, you must be prepared to explore the beauty that this location has to offer and the fact that crimes are waiting to happen around you, so be aware and secure. 
  5. Mumbai, India – Mumbai is a fantastic location to visit because of its intriguing history. However, caution is still required, especially given the risk of being harassed or robbed in this part of India. 
  6. Peru – Peru is recognized for its beautiful ruins and old civilization, which distinguishes the country. However, despite its beauty, this location has a risk that visitors should be aware of. Traveling tourist attractions such as Machu Pichu might be risky due to drug cartels and terrorist organizations in Peru. 
  7. Bangkok, Thailand – Bangkok is one of the best destinations to visit for a holiday. However, extreme caution is required, especially if you are unfamiliar with the surroundings. Be wary of street scammers and burglars since reporting them to the police would take a long time due to the corrupt police investigations prevalent in that area. 

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