Travel Challenges in India – The need for Short Term storage services in India

With approximately, 18 million international tourists arriving in India, the travel and tourism industry was thriving with an increase of nearly half a million from the previous year.

The travel industry was operating to near-full capacity, giving handsome returns to operators with a market size of $194 Bn. But this was in 2019.

The flourishing sector faced a near standstill due the abrupt lockdown and travel restrictions imposed post the corona pandemic.

However, post Omicron wave in January this year as the Covid caseload subsided and the fatality rate remained relatively low, the government decided to open up. Subsequently as the international flights opened in March and the domestic sector started operating to pre-pandemic levels, the travel sector got a leash of life. With the doing away of internal restrictions of displaying negative polymerase chain reaction test report and Covid vaccination certificates pre and post travel at transit and lodging points, travelers came out of the closet.

With business booming, and industry gaining momentum, business travellers are now beginning to develop or redo inventory. Mumbai, Agra and Delhi remain the top three preferred destinations for travelers in the country.

Time space once again is re-witnessing an unprecedented rise of urban travelers who self-managed their research, tailor-make their bookings rather than rely on the limited range of options provided by restricted tour package operators.

The modern biz-tourists however face multiple challenges that are unique to India including hassle-free commuting within cities, to wide-ranging pricing fluctuations and even surly hotel accommodation that adheres to limiting guest facilities. Often flight and train timings are mis-matched with hotel timings leaving business travellers with a unique problem of keeping luggage for short duration to attend business at hand after hotel checkout time.

There is certainly a lack of convenient luggage storage locations close to major transit areas, market hubs or business centres. Key tourist spots across India are not designed to enable tourist keep their luggage. Biz-travellers are often seen lugging their puffy suitcases for private engagements or official parleys. There is an authoritative propensity at the airports and railway stations to keep off luggage.

When you are travelling short term storage solutions are an awesome way to luggage free within the city. Internationally short term storage facilities to stow luggage at secure locations is a huge trend. In India too, start-ups are venturing into this space in a big way.

India’s post pandemic travel sector is transforming. New solutions, where technology is used to provide safer and better solutions. Presently in India, railway stations provide cloakroom service, and also some unorganized players where your luggage is not safe. Having short-term storage at bus stands, all railway stations, markets, malls, and airports is the way travellers would seek such solutions.

In a matter of minutes, biz travelers can stow their luggage at safe, conveniently located destinations and remain cluster-free for business or private engagements.
The need for self-storage facilities in urban areas in India is expected to see positive growth due to increased urbanization in major metropolitans moving forward.
The authored article is written by Manish Agarwal, Co-Founder & CEO, Lugsto and shared with Prittle Prattle News  exclusively.
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