This wedding season, gift MMTC-PAMP’s 24K, 999.9 purest gold rose pendant  

 The rose design is available in 24K 999.9 purest 2gm gold in an oval-shaped pendant  

This wedding season, gift your loved ones the gold rose pendant as a token of love.  

With the wedding season approaching, the biggest question that haunts people is the choice of the perfect wedding gift. MMTC-PAMP, India’s only LBMA-accredited gold and silver refinery, has the perfect offering: it’s Gold Rose pendant. 

A symbol of love and romance, the pendant features a Rose with 108 large and 1,008 small rose petals and is now available on the official website of MMTC-PAMP. The rose design is available in 24K 999.9 purest 2gm gold in an oval-shaped pendant.  

Aimed to embrace the rich culture and significance of the Rose in not only Hinduism but also Christianity and Islamism, the specially curated Rose pendant is a symbol of love and affection in the world. It could be a perfect gift to yourself and or your loved ones. 

 “At MMTC-PAMP, we strive to offer the best to the consumer; therefore, we are pleased to bring another product to the gold collection. We plan to release various coins and pendants in the future for our loyal customers to increase their customer experience.”  

The 24k (999.9) 2gm Gold rose pendant has been crafted, considering the demand and using advanced Swiss technology. Speaking on the launch, Vikas Singh, MD & CEO of MMTC-PAMP, said,

India has always been rich in culture and wealth, and with the addition of gold-minted coins and pendants, MMTC-PAMP continues to bring the essence of gifting the 999.9 gold.

Established in 2008, MMTC-PAMP has built India’s only fully integrated ecosystem for Gold — Digital Gold, Bullion (Gold & Silver), Minted Coins (Gold & Silver), and Recycling old gold. MMTC-PAMP is already India’s leader in digital gold and has a solid customer base pan India.

As the brand makes further forays in the region, it is looking to offer the highest purity and finest Swiss craftsmanship available to customers.  

Each MMTC-PAMP product carries a unique number and comes packaged in an Assayer certified to ensure product authenticity. MMTC-PAMP’s products offer positive weight tolerance, which guarantees that every coin or bar you buy weighs more than the listed weight, ensuring customers get the highest value for their investment.  

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