These wet hair blunders might be harming your hair in 2022

Highlights vs. Balayage Better For Your Hair?
Highlights vs. Balayage Better For Your Hair?

New Delhi, India: We all go to great lengths to take care of our hair, from using organic, sulfate-free shampoos to visiting hair spas every two weeks to making DIY hair treatments to get lustrous, flowing locks. However, there is one major blunder that we overlook and are unaware of, which may be harming our hair in the long run.

If you’re one of these folks, you’re doing significant harm to your hair. After cleaning our hair, we usually come out of the shower and begin combing it to untangle it. When our hair follicles are damp, they are the weakest; combing them at this moment will break them and cause them to dry out.

A few blunders with wet hair:

Wet hair combing is the first thing we do after getting dressed; the hair is too weak and requires keen attention. Detangling will be a snap as a consequence of this. Also, don’t comb your hair until it’s scorched; this causes your hair to dry out and lose its luster. Hold the portion of the coat you’re brushing/combing in your palm. Always begin at the base and work your way up. Also, don’t forget to use a leave-in conditioner.

When hair follicles are damp, picture the harm we wreak when we vigorously towel dry them. Sooner than tying your wet hair with a towel and endeavoring to squeeze out excess water, wipe your hair with a towel and press out excess water.

Maintaining your hair open in the summer can be challenging, especially when they are wet; the seduction to tie them up in a ponytail or a bun is irresistible, but your tresses are so vulnerable when wet that your hair tie will be full of hair when you remove it and will leave a dent.
Avoid doing this at all prices; don’t even knot your hair while it’s semi-dry; instead, wait until it’s scorched and style it anyway.
When we’re in a rush, we’ll blast our hair with the blow dryer to dry it quickly, but this is where we’re inflicting damage to our hair. Please wait for the water to drain, turn your dryer to medium heat, and then to higher ground to style your hair how you want it. A small step like this may make a big difference. Also, the steam you observe when ironing your hair should be rife with severe damage.
A small step like this may make a big difference. Also, the steam you observe when ironing your hair should be rife with severe damage. Allow your hair to air dry thoroughly before using a heat protectant and any heating devices. It will torch your strands and make your hair care travel extremely difficult, if not impossible.
Sleeping with dripping hair – I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to avoid going to bed with damp hair.
This can cause substantial hair damage, give you a cold, weaken your immune system by allowing germs to develop in your hair while you sleep, cause severe acne, and double the time it takes to style your hair in the morning. Instead, make sure you wash your hair properly before going to bed, and if it’s still damp, give it a cold hair blow.

The authored article is written by Sejal Wakkar and shared with Prittle Prattle News  exclusively.

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