The video of a cat drinking fresh cow milk has gone viral

The video of a cat drinking fresh cow milk has gone viral
The video of a cat drinking fresh cow milk has gone viral

The video has received over 3,82,000 views on Twitter, and netizens are ecstatic.

Demands will never be met if they are not made. A determined cat, well aware of this situation, managed to obtain a portion of milk.

Awanish Sharan, an Indian Administrative Service officer, posted a video showing a cat standing on its hind legs next a man. The man is seen milking a cow by hand. After a while, the cat monitors the action and pushes the man with its hand. The man recognises the feline’s motion and delivers the milk to its mouth.

Sharan captioned the video in Hindi, “Just need to understand everyone’s gesture.”

The video has received over 3,82,000 views on Twitter, and netizens have expressed their happiness. “You’re lucky to have unadulterated milk!” exclaimed one person. “This made me happy,” commented another person. “I can understand how the cat feels after.”

Cat videos frequently garner a lot of attention on the internet. A popular video recently depicted a typical day in the life of a cat. The video appears to have been recorded by a small camera strapped around the cat’s neck. It gives the film an immersive feel, allowing the viewer to intimately experience the cat’s movement as it climbs and jumps across walls, interacts other cats in the neighbourhood, or digs in the dirt. The cat’s whiskers frame the camera lens in the video, and the cat’s “meows” are plainly audible.

Animals are known for being both persistent and adorable. Cats, on the other hand, rank high on this scale. A viral video on the internet will demonstrate this.

It depicts a man milking a cow and a cat standing on its hind legs behind him. After some time of monitoring the guy, the cat pokes him, and the man directs the milk into its mouth.

This video has received over 26,000 likes and over 5.7 lakh views to date. Users have expressed their feelings with meaningful remarks.

“Love between a man and an animal is unconditional,” one commenter commented.

Another person said, “Wow it makes my day.”
The video was first shared on the Facebook page Din Cincin in June of last year, and an accompanying article revealed that the incident occurred in Malaysia.
Another video of a cat went viral on social media last month, showing a kitten insisting on his owner stopping gardening and hugging her. On Instagram, the video received over 1.5 lakh views.
Cat videos are fairly widespread on social media; people enjoy viewing them because of their charming gestures and friendly demeanour. On social media, a video of a kitten playing the Fruit Ninja game on an iPad went viral. Because it didn’t want to miss any of the fruits on the screen, the gaming kitten tried to slice them all.
The authored article is written by Darshana Joshi and shared with Prittle Prattle News  exclusively.
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