The June Shop to transform the home décor sector

The June Shop to transform the home décor sector
The June Shop to transform the home décor sector

Prittle Prattle in conversation with Vansikha Nahata, CEO, The June Shop

The June Shop offers a wide choice of things. Products ranging from those required at home to those required at school/work. The June Shop was founded on a love of creativity. They want to provide a purchasing experience that is simple, economical, and enjoyable.

Please elaborate on your journey as the CEO of The June Shop. My final academic years were devoted entirely to mathematics. I only intended to do number crunching and performance marketing when I first joined as the CEO. But as the team grew, I became more active in art and direction, and I began to take a deep interest in content development and social media management for the brand. I’ve taught myself things I never imagined I’d be able to do. The June Shop has aided my personal development in ways that I cannot begin to express. With steering a customer-centric business that has enormous potential in the design & décor space, my vision at The June Shop not only includes expansion of the manufacturing base predominantly to India, but global expansion is also on the roadmap with a focus on building innovative products across diversified product categories for Smart and Elegant Homes.

What were some of the hurdles you faced when you first started? The brand journey that began with gifting products has now evolved into a one-stop shop for Home Décor and Lifestyle collectibles and it was a roller coaster ride for us. The brand was incepted in December 2019 & as we kicked off our operations, we were hit by the pandemic which became our first roadblock. But our entire team has shown great resilience in having survived the pandemic despite the fact that we instituted this company right before the pandemic hit us. The team adapted quickly to tailor-make design solutions which resonated with the altered consumption trends of the millennials.

The other challenge was to carve a niche in the e-commerce space. Thanks to the turn of events last two years, consumer consumption behaviour has gone through a huge shift. As people invested more time in staying indoors and relied on e-commerce for anything and everything, they started to increasingly look at indulging themselves and their home spaces with innovative accessories which makes them feel good. This has increased the desire for home up-gradation, and the willingness of consumers to choose distinctive, premium quality, stylish yet affordable items. This has accelerated the growth of The June Shop in the e-commerce space.

What is the specialty of The June Shop, and what do you do to engage your customers? We are a one-stop solution for all things which capture the fancy and imagination of the millennials across lifestyle & design perspectives for home, travel, work & beyond. We serve this niche with our curated array of everyday collectibles which are fun, premium and aesthetic. Driven by the insight of a rapidly evolving consumer spending pattern, we believe in continuous innovation and research to adapt to the modern needs of our consumers.  At the June Shop, we enable our customers to create a personal and modern space by revamping dull spaces with exciting and modern decor pieces.

Brief us about The June Shop expansion plans and growth strategy? We are committed to evolve the home décor space and will further expedite our expansion spree into a more luxe and premium collection. We have recently raised undisclosed funding from angel investors & a significant part of the investment will be utilised to the organisation’s growing needs,  towards product innovation, inventory diversification, recruitment, web and app development and to ramp up the marketing activities.

We have also rebranded our visual identity as well and the launch of new logo, colors, aesthetics, packaging and website refresh is emphasizing on our new proposition which is luxe & premium home decor. 

What are The June Shop’s Product offerings as home decor? At The June Shop, we provide a diverse range of products across categories such as Home & Décor, Stationery, Kitchen, Travel, Gadgets, and more. We also plan to expand our base into a more luxe, premium collection with the addition of dinner sets, mats, clocks, stools, wall art & glasses and so much more that the options are endless. The expansion into premium collection is a move to offer more choices for the discerning consumers. We have products that not only amplify the look of your space but are aesthetically pleasing and highly functional. 

What is your take on promoting The June Shop in the international market? We plan to strengthen our global presence as we have started shipping products to several countries. The June Shop has been fortunate enough to mark its global identity without any key marketing investments. 

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