The entrepreneurial journey of restaurateur Sahil Sambhi

From being an avid restaurateur, diligently industrious & a seeker of all things spunky, new & innovative, Mr.Sambhi is truly a pioneer in his field. Known for his out-of-the-box concepts & execution of quirky crowd affairs. He believes in bringing modern & innovative ways which involve transforming the experiential dining landscape. With his expertise & knowledge, he inspires thousands of young Millenials and aspiring restaurateurs.

When did you realize that restaurateur is the category you want to go in?

During my college years, whenever I used go to a restaurant or bar, I always used to be fascinated and attracted by how this hospitality industry and business works. Deep inside, I had the passion for opening my own restaurant someday.

Later the urge to open my own restaurant only grew more and more, and with a lot of learning, hard work, and sleepless nights here I am, owning some of the most successful restaurant brands across the country.

So far, how was your experience in this field?
The restaurant industry is the most dynamic and evolving industry. Speaking about my experience in this field, I have always been ready to accept new challenges and obstacles that come my way. COVID 19 has been one of the most drastic events that shook every other owner and restaurateur like me.

But this unprecedented incident taught us life lessons about how to deal with risk and losses at the same time.

I have always believed in this age-old saying every cloud has a silver lining; it’s really important to keep your head high and stay calm no matter whatever or however tough the situation is. This, being creative, innovative, and full of new ideas, is what this field has taught me as a person.

What all challenges did you face while opening Molecule Air Bar?
The biggest challenge was to curate something unique, keeping in mind the trends in the market. Sometimes in trying to be unique and different, we often miss the trend and fail, so we wanted to bring concepts that are out of the box and attract our customers automatically. So, to come forward with something super creative was surely the biggest and most tiring challenge faced.

Was there any plan to reach out to customers? What was it?
Social media has played a major role during the days we launched Molecule, one of the most prestigious and upscale restaurants and bars.

We were aware of the fact that social media marketing is all over the place and is surely helping various brands to reach out to their customers.

Likewise, we also made various plans from famous bloggers to well-known influencers, and we invited these people to visit our place and enjoy the mouth-watering delectables and the vibe too. Later we also requested them to post about us, our food, and our interiors which could help us to generate more awareness in and around the city.

Our social media strategy was a great success as its reality worked out in our favor. In just a few months, the place became an instant fan favorite & surely grabbed the attention of the people by providing an exquisite experience & high-class launch parties.

Can you tell us about Molecule Air Bar and what makes it unique?
Molecule Air Bar is located at sector 29 market of Gurgaon. It is one of the most prestigious and upscale restaurants in Gurgaon, where you can indulge with your friends in rich heritage gastronomical delights. The lights are dim, and the atmosphere here vibrates with foot-tapping music.

It is one of the best bars and lounges which serves freshly brewed beer and cocktails along with delectable North Indian, Italian, Chinese, and Continental cuisines. The vivacious ambiance and rooftop seating enhance the lounging experience.
A gastronomically sound experience in Molecule bar leaves you satiated. It is better to get your reservation done in advance as the place is usually booked prior.

What are your interests apart from this field, and when do you work on them?
For people who know about this industry, we restaurateurs are barely on the holidays or get our personal time. From light weekdays to heavily packed weekend nights we are totally into our work. But yes, speaking about my interest and hobbies apart from this field, I love to watch sports or travel to different countries all around the globe. I even like to keep myself fit and healthy, and to keep myself active, I make sure to workout at least 3-4 days a week

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