Summer Romance: Balancing Heat and Relationships with Fun Couple Activities

Tips from Ravi Mittal, Founder & CEO of QuackQuack, on How Couples Can Beat the Heat and Strengthen Their Bond

Summer brings warmth and relaxation, but in India, especially in 2024, it also brings record-high temperatures. This intense heat poses unique challenges for couples trying to balance the joys of summer with the need to stay cool. Here are some practical tips on how to have fun and strengthen your relationship without getting scorched by the summer sun.

Summer all over the world is a time of warmth and relaxation. But not India, especially this summer 2024. With the temperature touching a record high, it is bringing some unique challenges for couples across the country. Balancing the heat of summer and having fun as a couple has become a real issue. Here are some practical ways to have fun as a couple without getting scorched in this heat.

Water-Based Activities: It’s the perfect time to cool down with water activities. Go to swimming classes together- it won’t just be fun, it will also be productive. Nothing is better than learning a life skill together. Try your hands at kayaking or visit a water theme park. What can be better than frolicking in cool water in the burning heat? For your next weekend’s getaway, try planning to stay in a beach resort and enjoy the cool breeze while strengthening your connection.

Choose outdoor activities carefully- Indian summers and outdoors are not a great combination, but how long can someone stay indoors? The heat can be too much to handle, but with a little planning, couples can enjoy outdoor activities too. If it’s an outdoor plan, do it during the second half of the day. The evening can be a perfect time for a nice stroll and watch the sunset with your loved one. Never forget sunscreen and umbrellas. Remember to stay hydrated and remind your BAE, too. It is your chance to show them you care.

Date Nights- Summer is the time for date nights. When the temperature is soaring high during the daytime, date nights are a life-saver. Plan a cozy date at home- movie night, cook a wholesome meal for your partner, indulge in indoor games- or take them out to a cute little cafe. These activities are intimate and a great opportunity to focus on each other without distraction.

Indulge in summer treats- It is the season of delicious mangoes and refreshing watermelons. Why not make the best of it and indulge in some summer treats; you can have some fun in the kitchen and make a ridiculously delectable mango souffle or a watermelon drink. You can also share a bowl of your favorite ice cream or a chilled lemonade (of course, two straws in one glass). Even these small indulgences can help make the summer a little more bearable and add a touch of sweetness to your relationship.

Travel smart– If you are planning on traveling this summer, a little tactical planning can help you beat the heat and also the routine life. Choose a destination with a mild climate; the mountains sound perfect! If you and your partner are beach babies, coastal areas with cool breezes are also a good idea. Moreover, traveling together is an amazing way to bond with your partner.
Explore local spots- If you have time or budget constraints or simply do not wish to travel in this heat, exploring the local attractions can be something to consider. Be a tourist in your city. Dress up and leave early in the morning. Check out the museums, art galleries, historical spots, and more with bae. It will be educational and also enough to escape the mundaneness without extensive traveling.
Tech-free date- Since outdoor activities are limited during this time of the year, experiment with indoor dates. One fun idea could be planning a tech-free date. Put your phones in the drawer for a day and navigate life without the comfort of online payment, instant browsing, messaging, and more. Find a restaurant, buy food instead of ordering, bring it home, set the table, and enjoy a meal with your love without distractions. It would be a fun challenge, but nothing the two of you can’t beat.
Summer scrapbook- It might sound childish, but letting out our inner child can be fun at times. Instead of complaining about it, plan on capturing the essence of summer together with your partner. Collect mementos- it can be photos, tickets, flowers, leaves, and love notes to each other- and add them all to a scrapbook. It will be a fun way to document the good times, something to look back at after years.
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