Get ready to go viral with your original sound creations with Lomotif’s new feature #OGSounds

Lomotif, a global short video-sharing platform that offers easy and intuitive creation, has launched its new Original Sound feature through its “#OGSounds – Go viral with your original sound” campaign. This new Lomotif Original Sound feature will allow users to create original audio clips and create video content by remixing other users’ Original Sounds as well.

Lomotif is the place where everyday creators can unleash and grow their creative potential – with a breadth of easy-to-use creative tools, a variety of engaging topical channels, and an active community of like-minded everyday creators that enables users to inspire each other to be creative.

By amplifying the app’s new Original Sound feature, the #OGSounds challenge presents Lomotif’s community with an opportunity to experiment with audio creation and music collaboration.

To encourage exploration and playfully engage the creative side of users, Original Sound creation is not limited to just singing or self-produced songs – from the sounds of the ocean, to spoken poetry, to a cat’s meow – Original Sounds #OGSounds can be created by everyday creators with everyday sounds.

Users can create their own Original Sounds of up to 30-seconds, by simply recording a Lomotif and posting it. If no music clips are selected during the creation process from Lomotif’s extensive music catalogue, an Original Sound is immediately created and attributed to the user. Other like-minded creators may then collaborate by remixing their own Lomotifs from these Original Sounds created on #OGSounds

Speaking on this new feature, Paul Yang, CEO, Lomotif, said, “As a home for everyday creators with dedicated global users from countries spanning Asia to Latin America, and West Africa to the U.S., Lomotif created this Original Sound feature as a new way for our users to feed their creativity and spark inspiration through easy collaboration.

Our Lomotif community shares authentic short video content that empowers others to express themselves freely, and giving our users a chance to create and be accredited as creators of Original Sounds was just a natural next step in our evolution.

We’re delighted to have rolled out this new feature that will enhance the Lomotif experience and put more power into the hands of our creators. We can’t wait to witness what #OGSounds will be created next!”

About Lomotif

Lomotif is a leading global video-sharing social networking platform that is democratizing video creation. A home for everyday creators since 2014, Lomotif is one of the fastest-growing video-sharing social networking platforms, with a grassroots social community made up of dedicated users from countries spanning Asia to Latin America, and West Africa to the U.S. Lomotif counts the likes of LiveXLive, Snapchat and Universal Music Group (UMG) as its official partners. Lomotif is majority-owned by ZVV Media Partners, LLC, a joint venture of ZASH Global Media and Entertainment Corporation and Vinco Ventures, Inc (NASDAQ: BBIG).

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