Prime Minister Modi on Tourism and Destination Weddings

Authored Article by Mr. Sandeep Singh, Director of RubyStone Hospitality

After the announcement of budget 2023, our honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave an effective and motivational explanation webinar on tourism and destination weddings to promote local tourist spots and our cultural-rich country. Prime Minister added, India is a growing country, where tourism and hospitality play a crucial role in the country’s economy and it becomes essential for the industry to focus more on infrastructure and restoration of hotels, resorts, and heritage places to attract more foreigners.

Destination weddings not only encourage local tourism in the country to attract foreign visitors and travellers but also the citizens of India. The Prime Minister also asked the hoteliers to launch affordable destination wedding packages and focus more on traditional and joyful wedding plans. He asked people to focus more on wildlife and spirituality to have a sustainable lifestyle experience.

India is a diverse country known for its Unity in Diversity, history, culture, rituals, and mysterious places where hotels and resorts support tourism and destination weddings.

Ruby Stone Hospitality is a vast range of hotels and resorts in 10+ states of India that promotes local tourism and destination weddings with traditional and cultural values.

According to Mr. Sandeep Singh, Director of RubyStone Hospitality-

The vision of our honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi to promote tourism and destination weddings is remarkable and appreciable for Tourism and Hospitality Industry. Our RubyStone Hospitality chain has its resorts in various spotlight places such as Udaipur, Amritsar, Himachal Pradesh, Nanital, and many more. We promote local and cultural tourism and help locals by giving them employment and joining them in our vast hospitality chain to promote our culture-rich country’s tourism.
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