New CeraVe Survey Reveals 71% of Parents Relied on Parenting Experts During Baby’s First Year

CeraVe Reaffirms its Mission of Providing Therapeutic Care for All by Supporting Underserved Families with Access to Expert Resources

According to a new CeraVe Baby survey conducted online by OnePoll among 2,000 U.S. parents of children ages 0-21, 1 in 3 parents say they fear doing something wrong and 3 in 4 admitted they search online for up to 9 different topics per day.

As 67% of parents surveyed shared that they reached out to a medical expert for advice at least 4 or more times a month, the survey findings illustrate the essential need for education and support for new parents.

CeraVe, the #1 dermatologist recommended skincare brand, recognizes that all families do not have the access to the same resources and has teamed up with Win, the largest provider of family shelter and supportive housing in New York City, to improve access to these necessities for new mothers this spring.

On a mission to transform the lives of New York City homeless families, Win provides holistic solutions of safe housing, critical services and ground-breaking programs, housing more than 4,800 people each night, including 2,700 children, across all five boroughs.

Through the partnership, CeraVe committed a $50,000 donation and invited Win families to participate in a panel session with pediatric experts that provided direct access to a board-certified dermatologist, board-certified pediatrician and international board-certified lactation consultant, registered nurse and international board-certified lactation consultant, sleep expert and full spectrum doula. Through the partnership with CeraVe, Win families received counsel from these experts and a care package to help them care for their babies.

“As a brand that believes everyone deserves access to skin health, we recognize that not all people have equal resources, including new parents,” said Jaclyn Marrone, Vice President of Marketing at CeraVe. “Through our partnership with Win, we’ll provide families and children with access to the medical experts, trusted resources and products.”

It Takes a Village: Seeking Help as a New Parent
An overwhelming 71% of parents agreed that they would not have made it through baby’s first year without parenting experts. Of the topics most researched, parents said products and brands that are recommended by experts (43%), feeding and latching (40%) and addressing a crying or irritable baby (38%). While more than half (57%) rely on family members, reaching out for advice up to 5 times a month, when asked which experts they wished they had access to for their child, parents said a dermatologist (39%), a doula or midwife (37%), a sleep consultant (37%) and a pediatrician (36%).

Caring for a Baby’s Delicate Skin Barrier
A baby’s skin is approximately 30% thinner than adult skin.2 In the womb, babies are protected by the vernix caseosa, a naturally occurring coating that contains ceramides, covers and protects the skin of the baby.3 The vernix caseosa is removed soon after birth. Ceramides are naturally found in skin and help seal moisture in and keep irritants out, and thus are key to sustaining a healthy skin barrier.

“New parents often ask about skin concerns they see on their new baby, which I explain are often very common and treatable with the right products,” said board-certified dermatologist and CeraVe expert consultant, Dr. Zain Husain. “I recommend the CeraVe Baby line because it is developed with pediatric dermatologists to provide gentle products that help support the baby’s delicate skin barrier and promote healthy looking skin.”

More than three-quarters (79%) of parents shared that purchasing skincare products that are dermatologist-recommended and/or developed is important to them. Parents can feel confident turning to CeraVe. Developed with pediatric dermatologists, CeraVe Baby offers a full range of skincare products – Wash & Shampoo, Moisturizing Lotion, Moisturizing Cream and Healing Ointment – each formulated with three essential ceramides, 1, 3 and 6-II, to help maintain baby’s delicate skin barrier. Each product formula in the CeraVe Baby line is also free of fragrance, parabens, dyes and sulfates.

About CeraVe
Founded in 2005 and developed with dermatologists, CeraVe is the first and only brand to offer a complete line of products containing essential ceramides and patented MVE technology to help restore the skin’s natural protective barrier. CeraVe has a full line of skincare products to follow the dermatologist-recommended steps of: cleanse, treat and moisturize. The brand’s mission is to provide therapeutic skincare for all. For more information, visit the brand on Facebook, Twitter or at
About Win
Win is the largest provider of shelter and supportive housing for homeless families in New York City. For more than 39 years, Win has provided safe housing, critical services, and innovative programs to help homeless women and their children rebuild their lives and break the cycle of homelessness. In the past year, Win served nearly 8,700 homeless people — including more than 4,700 children — and helped more than 730 families transition out of shelter into homes of their own. Most of our families are headed by women, many of whom have fled domestic violence. These are the forgotten faces of homelessness — the mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and sisters who struggle to keep their families together and safe.
About L’Oréal
L’Oréal has devoted itself to beauty for over 100 years. With its unique international portfolio of 34 diverse and complementary brands, the Group generated sales amounting to 25.8 billion euros in 2016 and employs 89,300 people worldwide. As the world’s leading beauty company, L’Oréal is present across all distribution networks: mass market, department stores, pharmacies and drugstores, hair salons, travel retail, branded retail and e-commerce. Research and innovation, and a dedicated research team of 3,870 people, are at the core of L’Oréal’s strategy, working to meet beauty aspirations all over the world. L’Oréal’s sustainability commitment for 2020 “Sharing Beauty With All” sets out ambitious sustainable development objectives across the Group’s value chain.
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