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NIU successfully hosted The Rubber Boy of India on International Yoga Day 2024

Noida, June 24, 2024: Noida International University (NIU) proudly concluded its International Yoga Day celebrations on Friday, June 21, 2024. The event featured the esteemed yoga practitioner Mr. Ramnish Vatsa, popularly known as “Rubber Boy,” as the chief guest. Held at the academic block, the celebration saw the participation of over 250 students, researchers, faculty members, and seniors, making it a vibrant and engaging occasion.

The day’s events commenced with an opening address by the Vice-Chancellor of NIU, Prof. (Dr.) Uma Bhardwaj. She extended a warm welcome to Mr. Ramnish Vatsa, who is also the Brand Ambassador of Purusottam Ayurveda. Dr. Bhardwaj highlighted the significance of yoga in the contemporary academic environment, emphasizing its benefits for physical and mental well-being. Dr. Mukesh Parashar, the Registrar of NIU, also expressed his gratitude towards Mr. Vatsa for accepting their invitation to lead the yoga session and inspire the students.

Mr. Vatsa, recognized for his exceptional flexibility and expertise in yoga, had previously served as the main demonstrator at the Rashtrapati Bhawan on International Yoga Day, where he performed alongside Former President Pranab Mukherjee. His presence at NIU’s celebration added a prestigious touch to the event. During the session, he received an honor from Lt. Pratima Pandey, Director of Sports acknowledging his contributions to promoting yoga.

In his address, Mr. Vatsa expressed his delight at the enthusiasm and dedication of the youth towards health and fitness I am happy to interact with the intellectuals on this auspicious occasion and guide them through the practice of yoga,”It is encouraging to see the commitment of young people to their health and fitness” he said. He conducted an engaging and insightful yoga session, deIt is encouraging to see the commitment of young people to their health and fitness monstrating various asanas and techniques aimed at enhancing physical flexibility, mental focus, and overall well-being.

Lt. Pratima Pandey, the Director of Sports at NIU and the coordinator of the event, reflected on the day’s success with enthusiasm. “We are thrilled with the turnout and positive energy that filled the International Yoga Day celebrations. The enthusiasm and participation of our community truly embodied the spirit of serenity and warmth that yoga promotes. We look forward to making this a regular tradition,” she remarked.

The event included a series of activities designed to engage the participants and deepen their understanding of yoga. These included interactive workshops, meditation sessions, and seminars led by experts in the field. The participants, comprising students, researchers, and faculty members, were actively involved in these sessions, gaining valuable insights into the holistic benefits of yoga.

The celebration underscored the importance of yoga in daily life. Yoga plays a central role in energizing and activating the body, promoting better posture, flexibility, stress management, and balance and coordination. It is particularly beneficial for students, as it helps them stay focused and healthy, ultimately improving their academic performance. Regular practice of yoga is known to enhance memory, promote vitality, and foster a sense of well-being.

Dr. Uma Bhardwaj reiterated the university’s commitment to integrating yoga into the academic curriculum and extracurricular activities. “At NIU, we recognize the profound impact that yoga can have on the overall development of our students. By incorporating yoga into our programs, we aim to provide our students with the tools they need to manage stress, maintain physical health, and achieve academic excellence,” she said.

The event concluded with a closing ceremony where participants shared their experiences and reflections on the day’s activities. Many expressed their appreciation for the opportunity to learn from Mr. Vatsa and engage in meaningful discussions about the role of yoga in modern life.

Over and above the yoga session, the event featured an exhibition showcasing various aspects of yoga and its benefits. This included displays on the history and philosophy of yoga, demonstrations of different asanas, and information on the scientific research supporting the health benefits of yoga. The exhibition was well-received by the participants, who found it both informative and inspiring.
Looking ahead, NIU plans to continue promoting yoga and wellness through regular events and activities. The university is committed to creating a holistic educational environment that supports the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of its students and staff. By fostering a culture of health and fitness, NIU aims to prepare its students to lead balanced and fulfilling lives.
The International Yoga Day celebration at NIU was a resounding success, bringing together the university community in a shared commitment to health, wellness, and personal growth. The event not only highlighted the benefits of yoga but also reinforced the university’s dedication to holistic education and the well-being of its students.
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