Mattresses fly off a lorry in the United Kingdom

Mattresses fly off a lorry in the United Kingdom
Mattresses fly off a lorry in the United Kingdom

A video of the mattresses blowing off a truck has already gone viral.

In Ashford, England, Drivers were taken aback when more than 20 mattresses flew from a truck. The drivers avoided being hit by the flying mattresses. A video of the mattresses blowing off a truck has already gone viral.

Mattresses are seen falling from the truck and hitting the asphalt in a video provided on Twitter by Now This News.

According to the tweet, no one was wounded, but traffic was disrupted for an hour. “20 mattresses flew off the back of a lorry and onto the M20 motorway in Ashford, England, forcing traffic swerving to dodge them.” No injuries were reported, but passengers were delayed for an hour as a result of the ‘king-sized’ blunder,” said the tweet’s caption.

The Sun cited a driver as stating, “I had to go out to the fast lane to dodge them.” They may have easily created a mishap.”

Previously, in April of last year, a truckload of cookies spilled on the road in Derbyshire, England. Police in the Erewash district posted photos on Twitter showing dozens of boxes of McVities ginger nuts and bourbons that had spilled on the road. The message piqued the interest of netizens, as many were wondering about the cleanup and came up with biscuit puns.

‘I had to go into the fast lane to escape them — they might easily cause an accident,’ remarked one driver.

The incident occurred while the truck driver was overtaking in the center lane.

By the time the driver got into the inside lane, there were just two mattresses remaining, one of which was hanging off the rear.

On the M20 near Ashford in Kent, the HGV was delivering a large pile of mattresses towards London.

They appeared to be correctly piled in the cage, but the doors were not locked and were blown open by the wind.

The mattresses flew out in seconds, landing in front of oncoming automobiles, which had to swerve to escape them.

The sprawling mattresses were photographed from various angles by dashboard cameras.
One video shows the truck driver pulled over to the hard shoulder, presumably to deal with the mattresses.
It comes after a vehicle spilled 200 gallons of diesel on the M20 on Tuesday, forcing the closure of two lanes overnight.
The crash severely damaged the road, necessitating resurfacing.
On the M20, National Highway workers have implemented Operation Brock contraflow, which is when cones are put in such a way that traffic remains moving during a stoppage.
This will be in effect until after the May Day holiday.
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