Lip Glosses That Will Keep Your Lips Plump and Moist

Lip Glosses That Will Keep Your Lips Plump and Moist
Lip Glosses That Will Keep Your Lips Plump and Moist

We’re all dealing with the same issue regarding lip care: chapped lips due to the dry summer weather. Our favorite matte formulations don’t provide the hydration our dry lips require in this weather. So it’s time to return to glosses and soak our lips in the moisturizing and soothing compositions of the best hydrating lip glosses.

Pink Pow Wow RENEE See Me, Shine Lip Gloss

This beautiful bubblegum pink tint is ideal for anyone attempting to imitate Kareena Kapoor’s trademark early 2000s gloss style.

It includes Vitamin E, shea butter, and jojoba oil to repair dry, cracked lips and contains golden shimmer particles to make your lips glitter even more.

FAE Beauty Emerging Rose Gold Lip Gloss, Rs 499

If you purchase this rose gold shade, the rose gold glitter will give your lips a subtle pink shimmer when light strikes them at different angles. This product, enriched with Passionfruit Oil and Vitamin E, makes the lips seem full and shining. The glitter particles in these lipglosses give them their color. As a result, they’re considerably sheerer on the lips than they appear in the bottle, and they’re almost sheer glosses for a natural summer appearance.

Time To Shine Lip Gloss in 02 by SUGAR Cosmetics Rs 499 for Velma Pinkley

This pigmented lip gloss has a high color saturation and is ideal for individuals who desire a creamy, non-runny mask. It’s sticky and thick, but it’s so pigmented that it completely covers the lips, unlike many sheer glosses. It’s not as pigmented as a lusterless lipstick, but it’s pretty pigmented for a mask. It also smoothes down flakes and dryness and has no shine. This color is a peachy, warm-pink nude that looks great on warm complexion tones. Thanks to the moisturizing jojoba oil, this lip gloss is exceptionally mild and comfortable for the lips.

Rs 1,050 for Kiko Milano 3D Hydra Lipgloss in 15 Cherry Red.
This cult-favorite lip gloss comes in several colors, some of which contain shimmer particles, and others, like this shade, do not. This hue has some color, but it’s still somewhat sheer, so it’s best for a tinted gloss appearance rather than a full-coverage lip color. It nourishes the lips with palm oil, linseed oil, and Vitamin E, which is ideal for dry lips.
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