Les Petits: How luxury elevates the stature of kids’ couture

An Authored article by  Swati Saraf, President of Les Petits

For a very long time, luxury was only acceptable in adult fashion. Kids’ clothing was viewed as a traditional, functional market. Even the notion of luxury residing in the kids’ wear segment was barely considered a part of the apparel industry. But a lot has changed since then. Social media is becoming increasingly popular, which bodes well for the kids’ clothing segment. Owing to this, the formerly passive category ultimately gained popularity, drawing luxury brands to foray into kids’ fashion.

The desire of parents to dress up their children in the best attire has resulted in growing awareness. It has acted as a gateway for the smooth integration of luxury into the kids’ clothing sector. However, a majority of the population still cannot understand the growing lure of branded kidswear. Luxury in kids’ fashion doesn’t seem to settle well with them. Here, it is essential to understand that, contrary to popular belief, luxury is not just meant to create a fashion statement. Instead, it has many benefits that are in favor of the children. Let’s look at some of the benefits of choosing luxury kidswear:

High-end Quality 

Children’s skin is generally sensitive. Therefore, it is crucial to put comfort and quality first while choosing clothes. Here, luxury brands ensure that their garments adhere to a specific standard of quality and are impeccably woven with opulence in mind. The products highlight the child’s debonair without getting in the way of their playful leisure.

Worth the Money

People automatically consider luxury products to be expensive. Undeniably, a luxury product is intended to be costly, but it doesn’t imply that the person is a spendthrift. Contrary to the notion, in the case of luxury kidswear, it vouchsafes for better value. One should compare the amount of money spent to the lifespan of the dress to get an idea of its cost-effectiveness. Luxury clothes are made to last for years with the help of the highest quality fabric, making them durable. Spending on luxury attire is worth the expense compared to less expensive options that don’t offer the same level of durability. Given their low quality, people are forced to go for regular purchases, which is neither necessary nor feasible.

Exclusive Fashion 

Choosing luxury brands comes with the extra benefit of exclusivity. Kids can stand out from the crowd by eschewing the monotonous design, color, and pattern portrayed by the majority by resorting to high-end clothing. It works effectively in developing a unique look with distinctive designs and patterns. It can be fascinating and visually appealing for children because it features the most attractive designs. Kids that dress in opulent fashion will stand out everywhere they go, creating their own statement.

Luxury apparel businesses have been quickly embracing sustainable fashion in recent years. Regarding usefulness, style, cost, welfare, fitness, and ethics, sustainability promotes organic clothing that is more environmentally friendly. Natural fibers make the clothing soft and gentle on children’s skin while still being stylish and eco-friendly. It discourages synthetic fibers, protecting kids from allergic reactions, rashes, or irritation from strong textile chemicals. 
Ents may become aware of premium brands; they might become increasingly interested in purchasing luxury kids’ clothing shortly.   
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