Immigrant and Professor Releases Book on Inclusive Leadership

Immigrant and Professor Releases Book on Inclusive Leadership

Immigrant : As the nation grapples with how to move forward one year after George Floyd was killed, a University of Nebraska professor and immigrant is releasing a book that a colleague calls, “simply the right book at the right time in our country and the world.”

Immigrant Becoming Inclusive: A Worthy Pursuit in Leadership by Dr. Helen Fagan, is available now from Information Age Publishing.

“Dr. Fagan’s heart-felt take on immigration, diversity and inclusion is simply the right book at the right time in our country and the world,” said Dr. Fred Luthans, University of Nebraska Distinguished Professor, Emeritus. “Drawing from her own experience as an Iranian immigrant as a child to become a successful leadership and diversity professor and consultant in the U.S. gives her journey and voice considerable credibility and insight.”

Through the lens of her own story of immigrating from Iran to the United States and her experience leading diversity programs in health care and education, Dr. Fagan presents a challenging discussion of the research along with a frank, intimate look at the very hard work leaders must do at an individual level to overcome personal obstacles to inclusion.

Becoming Inclusive reveals the systemic problems of organizational bias and prejudice and shows leaders a path forward. The book focuses on the need to transform the mindsets of individual leaders from tribal to global, in order to address the big issues facing humanity.

“Fagan is a clear, thoughtful writer who relies on research and experience to convey her ideas about transforming our culture,” said bestselling author Mary Piper. “Her book calls upon us to increase our moral imaginations until all of us are in the same circle of caring. Fagan inspires us to believe that if we all work together, we just might be able to build a better world.”

Dr. Fagan is founder of the Global Leadership Group and is a national and international speaker on topics of leadership, inclusion and diversity.

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