The opening half of Day 2 of Goafest 2022 is marked by engrossing sessions and enlightening conversations.

The opening half of Day 2 of Goafest 2022 is marked by engrossing sessions and enlightening conversations.
The opening half of Day 2 of Goafest 2022 is marked by engrossing sessions and enlightening conversations.

Day 2 of Goafest 2022 began with blistering heat outside and a promising Goafest inside at Grand Hyatt, capping up a fantastic Day 1.

We started the day on a high note! Day 2 of India’s most prominent advertising festival, Goafest, began with a Knowledge Seminar presented by MX Player, which featured PV Sindhu, India’s No. 1 Badminton Player and Two-Time Olympic Medal Winner, sharing her thoughts on her career, practice sessions, wins, losses, lessons, experience, family support, and tournaments planned for 2022 with Sameer Kochchar – TV Presenter, Actor, and Anchor.

When PV Sindhu entered the venue, the audience erupted with raucous cheers. She recalls warmly the start of her badminton career, in which her parents played a critical role. She stressed 2012 as a watershed moment in her career when she asked herself, ‘If they can do it, why can’t I?’ alluding to her opponent, an Olympic winner. When Kochchar later questioned her on-court strategy, she replied, “I imagine who I’m playing against and discuss strategies with my coach.” She also stressed the significance of learning from errors and returning stronger.

She recalls her father contacting her and telling her, “There is a lot of difference between obtaining bronze and stepping on the podium,” while discussing winning Bronze rather than being in the 4th position.”

The discussion also covered parts of her preparation, her time on and off the court, her journey, and all of the tournaments that await her in 2022.
Following her informative information session, musicians Vikrant Massey and Ali Fazal, and Gautam Talwar, Chief Content Officer, MX Player, addressed the stage to discuss OTT Superpower – Freedom and Nuances of Creativity. The panelists discussed how OTT has impacted consumer behavior and democratized content. “OTT has offered a platform for producers to develop their abilities, and exposure to foreign material encouraged them to pull their socks up, and I feel we achieved that in the previous two years,” Vikrant Massey told a raucous audience. “Cinema must not die,” Ali Fazal remarked. Every person in the industry comes with the dream of being a part of movies, and this dream always remains. Community watch must not be forgotten. While OTT tells numerous tales, it does not want to turn the viewer into a couch potato “when asked if there is any rivalry between the two platforms; people watch on their phones 95% of the time. Only an elite audience will have access to Chromecast and television sets that support the platforms, and they are not always the goal. Atika Farooqui, Anchor and Creative Director, moderated the informative session. For OTT, family viewing may never come a long way off. There is a potential that individuals may not want to sit with their families and watch.” He said, “India is a time rich and money poor country, which we consider when targeting.”
Following this conversation, an informative information conference, ‘How Companies Win with Video Games,’ hosted by Disney Star with Sam Glassenberg – Founder & CEO Level Ex, discussed the potential of video games and how brands can engage consumers through this medium. In his usual method of providing relevant insights, Sam emphasized that the video game business has reached the $200 billion mark and is reaching more people than ever before; nowadays, video games are poignant platforms for companies. Furthermore, he provided insight on the use of neurobiology in game design. Sam emphasized the importance of improving ad placement throughout games and finding inventive ways to introduce them at an ideal moment during the gameplay session. He also discussed the dangers of gamification against the significance of focusing on actual game creation. Sam concluded the talk on a high note, emphasizing how game and gaming technologies can help even doctors and medical specialists in life sciences; he showed this with a personal narrative. The final session before lunch was met with thunderous applause.
The first half of Day 2 also featured two masterclasses: the first from Sharechat with Ajit Varghese, Chief Commercial Officer, Sharechat & Moj, Simran Gaglani, National Lead, Brand Solutions, Sharechat & Moj, and Palkush Rai Chawla, Director, Product Management – Sharechat & Moj, shedding light on how the creator economy is driving brand success, and the second from Google on YouTube Shorts.
About The Advertising Club:
Founded in 1954, The Advertising Club is undoubtedly the world’s largest Advertising Club of its type. It has around 1700 members from media organizations, marketing firms, advertising agencies, and other professional groups. Many consider it to be the busiest.
The goal of the Advertising Club is to assist elevate the professional standards of the Indian advertising industry. The Club makes an effort to do this through prizes, seminars, training sessions, and gatherings. The Advertising Club’s most significant awards include the Creative & Media ABBY at Goafest, EMVIEs, Effies, MARQUEES, Young Achievers Awards and other popular programs such as D-CODE – Digital Review, Ad Review, Media Review, and others.
The Advertising Agencies Association of India (AAAI) is an organization that represents advertising agencies in India.
The Advertising Agencies Group of India (AAAI) is a non-profit, industry-led, and industry-managed trade association of advertising agencies founded in 1945 to promote their business interests and continue making a significant and growing contribution to the nation. TODAY, the AAAI is representative, with a considerable number of small, medium, and big-sized agencies as members, accounting for about 80% of the advertising sector in the country.
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