Flared Jeans: How to Wear Them

The 70’s denim style is back on the streets, as we can see many individuals wearing elegant and comfy flared jeans. Flared jeans certainly look great and offer a comfortable fit. These jeans are suitable for any event, whether it’s a casual day out or a party.

Many people confront the primary issue of figuring out how to wear these pants. Some folks may find it difficult, but don’t worry, we’re here to help. Continue reading to learn how to wear flared jeans.

Crop Top
Crop tees are public in a variety of styles and colors. Flared jeans are already overdone and draw all the attention, so keep the upper part light. Combine it with a crop top. Just make sure you get flared jeans with a high waist. In this manner, your look will be completely balanced, and you will look fantastic. To finish your ensemble, add some big chains, a set of earrings, and a purse. You may accessorize the look with either big white shoes or heels.

Get a pair of flared jeans and a camisole to complete the look. Now, finish the face with a cardigan. You may wear a cropped cardigan or a long one, which will look great. Wear it with shoes and a few chains, as well as sunglasses. Allow your hair to hang loose and go for a natural look. This is an excellent look for a trip.

Choose well-fitted flared jeans and match them with a shirt or a camisole. You may complete the look with a pair of platform heels or stilettos. Then, finish the outfit by layering with a jacket or any clothing item you prefer.

Style your hair in a neat ponytail or leave it straight and smooth. Also, make sure you have a handbag on you.

Jeans on Jeans

Choose dark-colored flared jeans and mix them with a lighter-colored denim hue. Close your buttons or leave them open if you’re wearing a camisole beneath. This is an evergreen mix that can never go wrong. Pair it with a pair of bare feet and a proper hairstyle. Choose natural makeup, and you’re set to go.

This one is the simplest to style and can never go wrong. Match your favorite shirt with a pair of flared jeans. Allow your hair and makeup to remain natural, and add a few chains to create an edgy vibe. You’ll be ready in no time if you add a belt.
It’s good to pair your flared jeans with a long shrug. You may wear any shrug, but if you want to seem like a vacation inspiration, wear a boho shrug. I recommend wearing a solid camisole and overlaying it with a patterned shrug. Combine with platform heels, and you’re ready to go. But don’t forget about your hair and cosmetics. Wear light makeup and style your hair in gentle waves. Add a pair of hoops to the mix.

The authored article is written by Sejal Wakkar and shared with  Prittle Prattle News exclusively.

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