Fix My Curl wants curly/wavy hair to be a normal and accepted beauty type for everyone.

Fix My Curl wants curly/wavy hair to be a normal and accepted beauty type for everyone.
Fix My Curl wants curly/wavy hair to be a normal and accepted beauty type for everyone.

Prittle Prattle in conversation with Ms. Anshita Mehrotra, Founder, Fix My Curls.

Fix My Curls is an Indian curly hair business that aims to help you appreciate your natural curls.

Journey on the beginning of your career and association with Fix My Curls. The brand ‘Fix My Curls’ has been born out of my own struggle to find proper and affordable hair care products for curly hair. We began in 2019 when there was a severe lack of representation for curly hair. And 60% of the world’s population has curly hair! Unaware of proper curl care, a lot of these people decide to fix them with salon treatments and in turn, damage their hair texture even more. There are too many negative notions about curly hair and I wanted to give them a solution to help change that. We are a Curly and Wavy hair care brand that helps you maintain your curls with a proper step-wise routine. 

What do you think about the haircare industry in India?  In India, the hair care industry is projected to grow but I still find a lack of representation for other hair types. All the marketing that we see is for straight hair. If you see most ads, you will find the solutions to hair loss, dandruff or frizzy hair is referred to as a problem. That needs to change on a large scale. Moreover, a lot of Indians only use oil and shampoo. Research states that only 22% of people use a conditioner. So, we need to tap there as well. Given the humidity, pollution and harsh weather, people need to start considering moisturizing their hair. And the hair care industry needs to address this more prominently. There is a lot of scope of how we improve and grow it. 

Is India still lagging in accepting the vivid hair fashions and making it gender-centric? What are your views on it? Yes. As I said, we need more representation for other hair types than straight hair. Not everyone has thick and long hair or wants them. Women with short hair or bob cuts still get stared at. Colouring hair with vivid colours is looked as rebellious. And a lot of brands only focus on women’s haircare. We need to make space for gender-inclusive hair care. This is why, with my brand, I have begun addressing the sector of curly, wavy hair for both men and women. Our aim is not to be solely product-centric, but to be a dependable community to discuss the problems of curl care. We want people to embrace their natural hair texture. I think this is a start and we will hopefully reach there.

What challenges did you face in starting your own business? How did you cope with them? We started in 2019 and shortly after the pandemic hit, so that was the major challenge we faced, with no order processing in the first lockdown. We then concentrated on growing the brand’s presence on social media. We grew into a community of curly hair people, where we could interact with our potential consumers. This phase was also a time to focus on research and development to streamline the launch of some new products when things get better.

Another problem I faced initially was hiring the right set of people. I wanted to have a team that resonates with the brand, someone who understands the problem of curly hair and how we are a perfect solution to it. I needed someone who could be trusted to grow the company. A right of minds can really drive an impetus to growth, but finding them is what takes time. 

Many hair care products include harmful ingredients; therefore, which elements do you recommend? It is very important to understand what goes into your shampoo, conditioner or after-care products. But people tend to ignore these things and go by the ads they see. For curly hair especially, you need sulphate-free, paraben-free products that help retain the moisture of your hair. Shampoos with parabens are harmful to your scalp and can cause hair loss, drying and irritation. We always recommend using natural ingredients that nourish the hair and are gentle on the scalp. Our products have coconut extract, tea tree oil, jojoba seed oil, and flax seeds, all of which are wonderful on textured hair.

The long-term vision of Life Inspiration Advise? My long-term vision is to create a global brand that is community driven, by this we mean a brand which thrives on what its customers want, need, and ask for. As a brand, we aim to grow as our customers grow, this also means that as their demand for our products changes and shifts, we do with them. 

Overall, our vision is also to make curly/wavy hair a normal and accepted hair type for everyone in the beauty industry.

The authored article is written by Ms. Anshita Mehrotra, Founder, Fix My Curls and shared with Prittle Prattle News  exclusively.
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