Five must-have jewelry in your wardrobe

Five must-have jewelry in your wardrobe
Five must-have jewelry in your wardrobe

Jewelry plays a very important, beautiful, and appealing role in your life; be it a layered necklace, a great pair of earrings with a good stack of bracelets, a timeless solitaire ring, or a good pair of studs, all of these can quickly transform your look and attire for the day taking up your fashion and style game a notch higher.

Here are the five must-have jewelry that can give you a moment to enhance your costume and compliment your sense of style, personality, and the wardrobe-

A layered necklace-Layered necklace has taken the fashion world into the storm, giving you a fresh look every time you move out. Layered necklaces are all about layers and layers of beautiful gold chains and retro pendants paired with stylish chokers. This layering of necklaces is undoubtedly here to stay, and we can see this has become quite trending among girls and bloggers while going out for a coffee date with girlfriends or your boyfriend. Thinking of creating your necklace you can easily pull together with your childhood birthstone or a diamond pendant, you get to have endless choices. It’s super eye-catching, harmonious, and effortless.

A statement earring-No look is complete without the perfect pair of jewelry-earrings; it’s always said a great team of earrings complements your features and outfit for the day, embrace the earring trend that will never go out of style. From hoops to dangles to modern pearls earrings to colorful statement earrings to sculptural to funky yet playful mismatched earrings, there is a comprehensive list of earrings that can suit your style and help you give an elegant look no matter what you are wearing.

Adding more to it, these statement earrings can bring drama to the table and give the power to elevate your basic dress if you are not in the mood to dress up for your regular zoom meetings or parties. Take on your favorite top, a cute hairstyle, statement earrings, and see you are good to go. Thus, as stated, these statement earrings are not just trending at night parties but have also arisen as a must-try trend in the on-screen and work-from-home age.

A good stack of jewelry-bracelets: Every well-dressed woman needs the right pair of jewelry to enhance her dress and pull it off more appropriately. A good pile of bracelets is an absolute must-have playful piece worn on hands, giving you the right amount of color and charms at the same time. Boho stacking is in trend; pair this jewelry with your favorite black dress for evening shopping with your mommy.

A solitaire or a colored stone ring-We find that ring styles change each year, and with this, they increase in popularity, and 2022 is no different. The ritual of carrying the ring is passed on from generation to generation. It’s no surprise to see solitaire rings reaching the top list. This classic solitaire is timeless and never goes out of style, signifying simplicity and elegance and adding a unique touch with best-personalized features.
Are you the one who loves the crowd’s attention, chooses to wear colored stone rings as the bright color of the stone outshines from the far, and never misses a chance to stand out.

A jewelry-solitaire pair of studs-Studs is the simple way of donning solitaire earrings by women as they are the easiest yet simple way to style your personality. These studs are good in modern times for girls to carry out on an everyday basis as it gives a quick look and style to your attire or any special occasion.

The authored article is written by Sanjana Bajaj Khandelwal-Co-founder Zevarking and shared with Prittle Prattle News  exclusively.

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