Reasons Why You Should Visit Bangalore’s First Private Luxury Club

Bangalore is a place where both revelry and tranquillity can coexist in harmony. The city’s first private luxury club, BLVD Club, provides a sublime amalgamation of the two.

The BLVD Club by Embassy Group is a new hotspot for indulgence in this metropolis. Offering a host of engaging activities, the BLVD club is a blend of luxury and comfort, including curated cuisine choices while adhering to strict Covid-19 protocols.

The 100,000-square-foot Club is tucked away in the uber-luxe gated community of Embassy Boulevard, located off the NH7. It provides members with every conceivable amenity, including a heated swimming pool, a fitness center, a spa, rooms with five-star hospitality, and a glut of spaces for social gatherings and business meetings. Membership includes connections with over 23 international luxury clubs and a personalized concierge service to make life easier.

BLVD Club differentiates itself from the latest technology to boost productivity, communication, and member security. Finally, the Club is home to an exclusive, forward-thinking, and like-minded community, brought together thanks to their yearning to be in a vibrant and stimulating environment. This connection offers a robust social network to multi-national families and top-notch service and hospitality in a secure environment. Listed below are just some reasons why BLVD is a unique hidden gem.

Haute Cuisine at its Core – The concept of travel dining is gaining popularity. Exceptional food elevates the overall experience of a trip. BLVD Club brings together the world on your plate with its in-house restaurant, Core, renowned for its authentically flavourful regional specialties and creative global dishes. It offers a top-notch culinary adventure using the freshest ingredients and can be relished in the dining room or outside by the pool. Spirit, the hotel’s in-house lounge bar, is renowned for its unrivaled furnishings. A fusion of Avant- garden and great hospitality, Spirit is famous for its wide array of excellent wines and champagne cocktails.

Gala – Gala is created to meet the requirements of each occasion, making it a location as unique and unforgettable as your important moments. Ideal for celebrations with its stunning furnishings, a luxurious outside garden with room for big gatherings, and specialties from the kitchen. Imagine arriving in Bangalore by plane, staying at a five-star club a short drive away, holding confidential meetings, working from the many workspaces, or even hosting official events at the 150-seater Gala. The Club offers all the amenities necessary to draw in business travelers who are always on the go.

Relax your mind and body with a rejuvenating spa treatment – The ever-evolving schedule of an urban lifestyle often takes a toll on our mental peace and physical health. Illume Spa at BLVD Club is a tranquil environment that can help you tune out the pressures of the Day. Our therapists are professionals in wellness programs as well as massage and rejuvenation treatments.

Aesthetically designed ultra-luxury interiors – Designed by award-winning Andy Fisher Workshop from Singapore, BLVD Club’s interiors stimulate a lifestyle that’s about living luxuriously yet being mindful of your relationship with nature and the environment. Stylish yet light, guests can enjoy a five-star stay in spacious and tranquil rooms. These rooms are ideal for business trips, making the most of your unique access to club amenities and quick weekend getaways.

World-class gym to help you keep up with your fitness regime – Get going, get in shape, or get pumped up. The tone is an elegantly constructed training facility with the latest in cardio and Strength equipment, in addition to its large exercise area. There are always qualified coaches available to guide and motivate you. Along with a state-of-the-art gym, the Club also has tennis courts, badminton courts, and a temperature-controlled pool.

Carefully curated events – To make your experience unforgettable and add to the celebratory mood on festive days, the Club hosts an all-inclusive set of activities. The Club’s activities feature contributions from its international members spanning 45 different nations. Apart from the customary Diwali, Indian Independence Day, and Holi bashes, the Club also celebrates Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, and the Swedish Midsummer. Working professionals and business owners of the new generation want to belong to communities that share their values and global outlook. The traditional club experience has been reimagined by BLVD Club in a way that goes beyond traditional elegance.
Created for the connoisseurs, BLVD Club is a space for people who appreciate an evolved sense of luxury and seek solace amid verdant spaces removed from the world. A place that lets you preserve your privacy yet feel a community experience that goes beyond the gate. BLVD Club is the ideal environment to experience the incredible within the comfort of your own city.
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