Fabulous furniture pieces to turn your home into a cozy love nest this Valentine’s Day

What better way to bring the romance closer home, than by giving it the perfect Valentine’s Day makeover.

The day of love is just around the corner. It is a wonderful opportunity to add a spark to your romantic relationship and pamper your loved ones! This is the holiday when it’s perfectly fine to go all-out corny. What better way to bring the romance closer home, than by giving it the perfect Valentine’s Day makeover. If you are struggling to come up with a romantic date at home, look no further. So, if you and your partner plan on spending quality time together at home, here are some amazing furniture recommendations from Urban Ladder to create your very own romantic look in the four walls of your home. 

Carven Fabric Lounge Chair In Red Colour: If you and your partner enjoy leisure indoor activities together, we might have just the piece for you. A fusion of fabric and wood, the Carven lounge chair is a stunner. It’s been designed for long lounging sessions with your favourite book. For increased comfort, it sports a seat that slopes backwards. A few well-placed candles and you are all set to enjoy a good game of Scrabble or your favourite reads together.

Frida 2 Seater Fabric Loveseat In Salsa Red Colour: Snuggle in comfort this Valentine’s Day by getting cozy on a loveseat. If you’ve been thinking about buying a couch, this is the right time to invest in one. The Frida loveseat is perfect for the couple. The plush back and seat set the stage for many a tete-a-tete. The subtle winged backrest and the tufted detail lend a graceful air to the arrangement.

Bardot Solid Fabric Lounge Chair In Tuscan Red Velvet Colour: With its rounded frame and plush, button-tufted upholstery, the Bardot lounge chair is irresistible. The gorgeous classic Victorian aesthetics make this chair a great addition to your living room. Rounded, with delightfully soft fabric, it’s designed to envelop you in warm bliss. Brew a hot cup of tea or coffee, and enjoy your Valentine’s morning lounging with comfortable conversations.

Florence Lounge Chair In Calico Floral Colour: If you’re a little confused about what your partner would like, you can never go wrong with a classic. The Florence lounge chair is as pleasing to get comfy in as it is to look at. The beautifully printed fabric brings a vibrant charm to this statement armchair. It quite smoothly elevates a space with its quiet sophistication.

Portia Floral Fabric Accent Chair In Floral Colour: Cute as a button. If you’re looking for the perfect spot to relax or a quiet reading nook, Portia Accent chair with its compact design and boxy silhouette is the perfect fit for your home. Chic and plush, this fun piece is guaranteed to turn heads.
Genoa Fabric Lounge Chair In Salsa Red Colour: A mid-century classic of understated elegance, Genoa Wing Chair comes with a high back and plush upholstery in gorgeous Salsa Red. Deliciously soft cushions cocoons you on all sides while firm armrests let you rest your arms comfortably. The perfect spot for a post lunch siesta or a date with a good book.
If you already have a good couch or lounge chair at home, turn it into an accent piece. Add a few fluffy cushions or a nice comforter to transform this into a romantic nook. When picking these accents, stay away from synthetic materials. Instead, opt for cotton, linen or wool for maximum comfort. These signature furniture pieces can go a long way in giving your home the spark it needs to get Valentine’s Day-ready.
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