“Eyewear Styling for creating a Bohemian Look”

The fashion world has undergone significant change recently. Amongst many style quotient, boho fashion evolved and made its path to the wardrobe of all fashion-conscious generation of today.

Boho or Bohemian trend defines the fashion of people who believes in freedom of thoughts without any boundaries or restrictions. As per fashionistas, bohemian lifestyle represents an ideology. An ideology which is alternative to the traditional way of dressing, paired with a more liberated lifestyle and a social stance against everything from materialism to society’s constraints. Starting from choosing dresses, matching up the look with boho accessories plays an important part in giving the final finishing touch. Bags, hats, jewellery, scarves, and belts, are essential elements to create a perfect bohemian look. Nowadays eyewear brands are creating styles, which adds on to the sustainable boho look along with UV protection aspect. Below are some of the shapes or styles, which can accentuate one’s desired bohemian look.

Rimless Glasses with Yellow tint – Rimless round shaped sunglasses with yellow tint perfectly exemplify boho style. These pair are perfect for those who prefers minimalistic fashion and not looking to go overboard with any particular aspect of attire

Oval Sunglasses – An oval sunglass with a golden hue and a quirky metal frame can go well with one’s Bohemian style. The quirky designed sunglasses are known to give an edge to one’s personality and when it is paired with golden-hued lenses it can create a contemporary Bohemian look

Cat Eye Sunglasses – An oversized Cat Eye sunglasses are extremely popular and a timeless possession for fashionistas. These designs also highlight one’s cheekbones and elongates the face, thus adds an edge to one’s personality. The cat eyeglasses, which are available in shades of gold with a red hue, add on to a retro-boho vibe to any outfit.

Hexagonal Sunglasses – Boho fashion includes unique and asymmetrical fashion accessories and hexagon fits the bill perfectly. A hexagonal patterned sunglass is a must-have in one’s wardrobe if they love experimenting their Bohemian look.

Double tone sunglasses – A pair of double toned shades of sunglasses can well fit with your bohemian style. One can opt for shades of red with a contrast of gold in frame which will give an unique and interesting Boho vibe to your outfit

A true fashionista once in lifetime is allured to get a perfect Bohemian look. For curating a Bohemian look, one always focusses on outfits and junk accessories. The idea is to wear layers of chunky jewelleries and free flowy garments.

One must know that a high street bohemian fashion look can be achieved by experimenting with sunglasses. It is important that for any style we maintain a balance between our comfort and trend. One should also look for light weight sunglasses which come with scratch-resistant lenses. This will protect your glasses in case of rough handling. A sunglass is just not a mere accessory for styling, but it is an important accessory, which protects your eyes from harmful rays. Hence, all your bohemian fashion lovers…grab your funky pair and create your desired look!

The authored article is written by Priyanka Gupta, Director, GKB Opticals and shared with Prittle Prattle News  exclusively.
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