Custodial and Infection-Prevention leader servicon celebrated earth day with innovative sustainability initiative in healthcare

Servicon Highlights Its Sustainable Initiative with Examples on How Hospital EVS Providers Can Scale Back Water Usage

To honor Earth Day, Custodial and Infection Prevention Leader Servicon issued a report detailing how hospital and healthcare center Environmental Services (EVS) providers can scale back water usage to become more sustainable.

Across Southern California, hospitals continuously look for ways to improve their efficiency and reduce waste. Servicon has made great advances to become a more sustainable infection prevention organization, leading with innovative initiatives in the healthcare industry.

Having received the prestigious ENERGY STAR® rating from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Servicon’s building ranks among the top 25% of its kind in energy efficiency. Their facilities have been recognized for their energy conservation and a step closer to a goal of “net zero” carbon emissions.

Continuing their mission to provide exemplary environmental, custodial and maintenance services for Southern California and across the nation, Servicon extends its sustainability efforts in the field of work inside hospitals. With this in initiative in mind, Servicon suggests these daily practices for hospitals and EVS providers:

Communication: Getting the entire hospital EVS team on board with any EVS provider’s water saving efforts should be the first step. This begins with a discussion of the “whys” for water conservation, which include helping the environment and future generations while also saving money for the hospital. The “when” should be as soon as possible, followed by the “who,” which includes everyone from top management to EVS frontline personnel. Finally, talk about “how.”

This should include specific actions, such as the ones listed below, to assist the EVS team in conserving water. Use microfiber. Microfiber can clean a surface dry just as well as it can clean it wet in many circumstances. Microfiber holds more water while taking up and retaining more debris than other cloths if a damp towel is required. As a result, EVS personnel will be able to clean surfaces more effectively while using less water. Dust first. Microfiber cloths can be used to clean many areas where surfaces are rarely touched, such as storage spaces or infrequently used conference rooms, without the use of water. When cleaning with water is required, dusting to remove dirt and loose particles can cut down on the amount of water needed to get a clean surface.Explore healthcare innovations.

There are many new technologies designed to reduce water consumption that are ideal for healthcare EVS, including:- The iMop, which reduces water consumption while producing superior results. String mops were great in their time, but they use a lot of water, leave a lot of water behind, and require buckets to be constantly emptied and refilled.

Opt for a more sustainable choice.- Choose floor care equipment such as the Square Scrub Pivot orbital floor machine that can complete many jobs without water.- Bonus: With a noise level of only 69 decibels, the machine is music to the ears of hospitals looking to reduce noise levels and raise patient satisfaction and HCAHPS scores.- The Protexus by EvaClean is a cordless, lightweight electrostatic sprayer that eliminates mixing messes and mistakes, while each 2.25-gallon tank covers 100,000 square feet with a spray range of five to eight feet. The 360-degree wraparound technology provides precision surface targeting and adherence for incredibly less water waste.

President and CEO Laurie Sewell says: “The studies on hospital water usage are abundant and alarming. If consumption continues at its current rate, it is only a matter of time before hospitals and other healthcare institutions will be forced to ration water to avoid running out, especially in areas already plagued by shortages. Yet there are ways healthcare environmental service (EVS) providers can help. We hope these suggestions, which can be easily implemented, will give them food for thought.”

Servicon’s sustainable initiatives is one of many ways on how they look to elevate the industry and provide healthy environments for people to thrive.
About Servicon
At Servicon, we are dedicated to providing exemplary environmental, custodial, and maintenance services for complex facilities throughout California. We live by our purpose to elevate the industry and provide healthy environments for people to thrive. Women-owned and operated, we work and live by our vision of creating a better working future.
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